Fall Ribbon Wreath


Bits & Pieces Wreath

We all have it - that area of our craft room where we keep scraps, extra supplies, and of course, tiny pieces of felt from other projects. Instead of throwing those scraps away, Benzie Design Maker Team member May of @craftwithmay encourages you to empty out that craft room scrap drawer and see what you can make! Her Bits & Pieces Wreath will have you looking for leftovers from craft projects past and creating something new!

This project is a special one to me – because it is all about using up scraps, broken bits, and otherwise using up parts that could be trashed or swept away! When it comes to crafting, I always end up with little odds and ends. After a solid week of crafting up a storm, I looked around to see what delightful Benzie bits and pieces I could put together! Keep reading below and get inspired to use your Benzie scraps in a creative way!

Skill Level: Beginner

Time: 30m-2hr depending on intricacy

Bits & Pieces Wreath Supplies

Supply List:
Wood embroidery hoop in any size
Scrap felt
Sequins and beads
Any other scrap materials, like felt poms or buttons that you want to creatively reuse
Hot glue gun and hot glue

1. Begin with leftover ribbon, I used Sewing Set woven ribbon – make sure you have enough to tie a bow and have long strands hang to be the base of your wreath. Use hot glue to adhere this to a new or broken (cracked) embroidery hoop that is missing its inner hoop and would be considered useless. But it isn’t - embroidery hoops make absolutely fantastic wreath bases!

2. With the ribbon secure on the hoop the task was simple: look around and see what I have that would be a good addition to this that needs to be used up! This can take any number of forms from felt balls to sequins, beads to cut shapes from felt, and any ephemera or extras you find. The joy in a project like this is that you can really put as much or as little into it as you like while cleaning off your desk and using up extras.

3. I hand cut petal and leaf shapes from leftover bits of felt in all different sizes and used hot glue to adhere them into flower shapes. I also hand cut and coiled “scallop” type half circles to form a rose! There is no wrong way to do this – just play, cut until happy, and test different ways of doing things. If you have a machine that will cut felt that is also a great option, but for me on this and with the sizes and scraps I was working with hand cutting made the most sense.

Felt Flower

Felt Rose

4. For the base of my flower petals and leaves I used a scrap of felt as my ‘gluing base’ just to make sure things held together. This isn’t required but it will make things easier and any small scrap and shape will do.

5. Once I had my flowers made, I attached two to the wreath. You can make as many or as few as you like, and you can also make extras for future projects while you are at it.

Attaching Felt Flowers

6. With that complete I glued a felt pom on to my craft themed wreath.

Attaching the Felt Pom

7. Using a simple liquid glue, I lined sequins along the front of the wreath and let that dry. Then I sprinkled sequins along the inside, and sprinkled beads along the outside. The trick here is to use minimal glue, and let each section dry fully before moving on. You can take your time adding as much or as little depending on your preferences.

Attaching Sequins and Beads

Not only did this project use up a lot of odds and ends, but it was fun and I never even picked up a needle or thread! There are endless seasonal and technique variations you can create with this idea – but the next time you’ve got a broken hoop or item you think might be trash – look again! You may be holding future craft treasure like this wreath that now lives inside my studio.

Finished Wreath

Thanks to May for designing and writing this tutorial! You can follow her on Instagram @craftwithmay or visit her website. Stay tuned for more Benzie Design Maker Team tutorials from May and the rest of the Team!