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Easiest Felt Flowers: Roses + Daisies


Easiest Felt Roses and Daisies

The secret to creating felt flowers quickly? Die cut your felt! If you have a Sizzix die cut machine, we sell felt flower dies. But no worries if you don't... we offer precut shapes too. This tutorial will focus on creating the rose and the daisy, but use the techniques to mix and match to make a variety of blooms!

Skill Level: Beginner

Time: 30 minutes


1. Make the center of the flower. It can be a small felt pom or a felt rectangle (shown below.) For the felt rectangle, fold in half the precut notches to make pretty pistols or the head of the flower. Change the look by snipping the pistols in half or wrapping it around a pom.

A fun perk of the flower shapes is that they have a place to hold the felt - it's the little circle you see next to the shape! Holding this piece will help you get your rolling technique just right.

Felt Flower tutorial

2. For the Daisy: You need (1) flower center and (2) daisy petal die cuts.

Once the flower center is rolled, wrap the daisy around the center securing with glue. Wrap the second daisy shape around the base and you're done! (You can also wrap the daisy die cut around itself to make foliage.)

easy felt daisy

3. For the Rose: You need (1) small pom, (1) flower center, and (4) petal shapes.

Glue the flower center around the small pom. Wrap two of the circle shaped petals around the flower center and glue in place. Glue the other two petals opposite each other to finish the flower. 

Easy Felt Rose

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Easy Felt Flowers