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Easy Llama and Cactus Garland


Llama and Cactus Craft

Using stitch dies in partnership with Neat and Tangled you can easily create llama and cactus crafts! If you are new to die cutting -read up on how to do it and if you are new to stitching read up on how to stitch up these dies! 

Felt llama

Here are all the supplies you need to make a festive garland: 

-Stitch Dies -grab the llama and the cactus dies made in collaboration with Neat and Tangled. 
-Benzie Felt -try a palette of bright colors with the addition of Linen for the the llama. 
-For extra sparkle -add in sequins and glitter felt! We used black seed beads for the llamas eyes!
-Assorted felt poms in extra small and small. We used the colors Tangerine, Magenta, Aqua and Leaf. 
-Bright colored embroidery floss -don't forget the linen colored floss to stitch up the llama! 
-Polyfil & a stuffing stick

felt cactus craft

1.) First cut out your shapes using the cactus and llama die. You will need two shapes per side. Reference this blog post to find out more about die cutting! 
2.) Grab coordinating or contrasting floss -we used 3 strands and the running stitch to stitch our friends up. If you are new to stitching or stitch dies -read up on your options! Don't forget to leave a space to add in polyfil! You'll find the stuffing tool useful in getting into small spaces! 
3.) embellish with pom, sequins and tassels! It's a fiesta! Quick tip -use this special glue to attach the sequins! 

llama crafts

Make a garland by sewing the cactus and llama with embroidery floss and small size wool poms. 

cinco de mayo garland

Or make a diorama and put the cactus in a pot

llama and cactus felt

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