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Embroidery Q+A with Author Aimee Ray


One-hour embroidery with author Aimee Ray

Best-selling author Aimee Ray has written eight books on Doodle Stitching, an approach to crafting that focuses on individual creativity and technique. Aimee's newest book, Doodle Stitching: One-Hour Embroidery, is dedicated "to everyone who thinks they don't have time to be crafty." If she's talking to you, then you're going to love the quick and easy projects packing its pages! 

Doodle Stitching: One-Hour Embroidery book

To celebrate the book's release, Aimee is answering some popular embroidery questions for you. She is also offering a Benzie Design customer a free copy of the Doodle Stitching: One-Hour Embroidery ebook! Find the contest details at the end of this post.

How and when did you learn to embroider?

"I learned basic hand embroidery when I was around six years old and my grandma would bring me samplers to practice on. I picked it up again as an adult and taught myself the basics from tutorials online, then started stitching my own designs."

What is a good age for children to learn simple embroidery?

"Kids around six can learn to make simple stitches with a needle and thread. I really like felt sewing projects for kids because felt is so easy to cut and work with, and it’s easy to embroider."

Embroidered button covers

What is your favorite fabric/medium to stitch on?

"My favorite fabrics to embroider on are quilter’s cotton and linen. I love that embroidery can be done on almost anything though, even wood, vinyl and paper!"

Is it easier to stitch with or without an embroidery hoop?

"In general it is easier to stitch with a hoop since it’s easier to hold onto and keeps the fabric flat as you work. Some fabrics like felt don’t always need a hoop, especially if you’re stitching on small pieces."

Embroidered coaster

What inspired you to write this book?

"I wanted to create a book that would show people that embroidery is easy, versatile and can be used to make lots of different things, even in a short amount of time! I hope it makes trying a new craft feel a little less intimidating and inspires people to be creative, a little at a time."

Do you have a favorite project in the book?

"Some of my favorites are the hedgehog pincushion and the leaf garland which uses real leaves. My favorite thing about this book is that it includes lots of small motifs that you can mix and match to almost any of the projects and make them uniquely yours."

Embroidered projects

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