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Felt Poodle Skirt DIY

Posted by Renae Bradley on 01 February, 2018 1 comment

DIY Felt Poodle Skirt

Supplies needed:
2-4 yards of wool blend felt, depending on size of model. We used Magenta
1 9x12" sheet of black wool blend felt
black rick rac
black 2" elastic
string and marking pen
iron-on adhesive
tacky glue
sharp scissors
sewing machine

Poodle skirts are just big circles made into skirts! In order to purchase the correct amount of 36" wide felt yardage you will first need to determine the diameter of the entire circle (or skirt). To make an accurate sized skirt you may need to face your math fears -but we found some great diagrams that explain how to do this here. Once you find out the right circumference, multiple times two -this is how many yards you will need. If you are making a skirt for a toddler and your circumference is less then 36" you will not need to multiple your number. You would need 1 yard of felt and would follow these instructions as is.

If you are following the detailed instructions of step 3 -instead of folding your felt in half, cut your felt in half and place the two halves on top of each other. And continue to follow instructions.
how to make a felt poodle skirt

For those of you who prefer to wing it -here are some quick tips to find how much yardage you will need. Measure from the waist down to the knee -this is the length of the skirt. Double this number and add around 10". This is your diameter. If this number exceeds 36", you will need to double that number for your final yardage number.

Refer to our pink diagram to see how to lay out your felt. For example -if you need 3 yards of felt, cut in half to get two 1 1/2 yard cuts. Place on top of each other. Take your string measured to the length of the radius (radius is half of the diameter) tie to the end of your pencil and use as a makeshift compass to draw the outline of the skirt. Using a sharp scissors cut through both layers of felt at the same time. 

how to sew a felt poodle skirt

Sew the two halves together as shown in our diagram.

how to attach a poodle to a skirt

To make the poodle we first printed out this poodle and traced it onto Heat n' bond, cut out then ironed it on to the felt. Alternately you can use our freezer paper method and tacky glue to attach. We arranged the ric-rac in a fun pattern and used tacky glue to attach. 

For the elastic waist band, measure the models waist and add one inch. Sew together. Pin elastic to the skirt and sew on being careful to stretch the elastic but not the felt. And now you have your finished poodle skirt! 

Unicorn Headband Tutorial

Posted by Renae Bradley on 16 October, 2017 3 comments

unicorn costume diy

The favorite My Little Pony is Rarity at our house -and we made a headband to match! The best part is that all the pieces are removable -for those days that you want to be a unicorn... and for the days you don't (gasp!). 

Felt unicorn horn

You will need one 12x18" sheet of felt to create a felt base headband, a headband, one 9x12" sheet of felt to make the horn and ears and one sheet of iron-on. Not pictured -polyfil, a sewing machine (or stitching tools) and an iron. We have an easy pattern for you to use too! 

diy metallic felt

Let's work on the fun part first! The unicorn horn! First cut out and iron-on a 4x4" piece of silver vinyl (or glitter!) to your gray felt -or just grab a sheet a sheet of premade glitter or metallic felt over here. We go into detail on how to iron on metallic vinyl over here

Unicorn horn pattern pieces

Using the horn and ear pattern, cut out all the shapes. Cut the ears out of felt and the ear accents out of metallic vinyl. I used clothes pins to attach the pattern to the metallic felt as I didn't want to pierce the vinyl coating. I used pins to attach the rest of the patterns. 

felt unicorn horn

Going back to the horn, fold it in half (metallic sides facing) and machine or handstitch the edges. To make the horn removable stitch the two circles together by stitching two lines about the width of your headband apart. Our headband is about a 1/2" wide. 

Unicorn horn how-to

Turn the horn inside-out -it's a little stiff so feel free to use a dowel or a pencil to help turn it. Stuff with polyfil and stitch the circle base one being sure to keep an opening for the headband to slide through. 

metallic unicorn horn

Finish the horn by stitching embroidery thread through the top edge and securing along the backside with every turn. 

animal ears headband

Finish up the ears by ironing on the silver metallic as accents, fold backsides together and stitch around the ear -making sure to leave an opening to fit the headband though. 

rarity unicorn diy

Grab your headband; we like our felt covered headband diy and slide the ears and horn on! 
Rarity pony headband

rarity costume for girls

Unicorn headband craft

Mermaid Tail DIY

Posted by Renae Bradley on 30 August, 2017 2 comments

felt mermaid costume

I just got my daughter a shirt that read "I'm a mermaid at heart" -and it true -all she ever has wanted to be is a mermaid. And she insists she will grow up to be one. I'm not sure we can promise that -but I can indulge her imagination and creative spirit and create a mermaid's greatest accessory -her tail!

felt mermaid tail

The tail is composed of circles -or scales attached to the base. It comes together very quickly once all the circles are cut! Our tail and measurements are based on a tall 7 year old -you can adjust the measurements to the height of your little mermaid. 

felt mermaid supplies

Materials used:
-1 1/2 yards of a basic cotton fabric (we wanted to keep the tail light weight) but if you want to go no-sew we suggest using 1 1/2 yards of felt.
-10 12x18" sheets of Benzie Felt. We used our Mermaid Lagoon collection. 
-Sewing machine 
-Approximately 275 2" circles 
-2 yards of twill tape or ribbon 
-fabric glue
mermaid tail pattern

First you will need to make the base of the tail. Take the 1 1/2 yards of the base fabric and lightly freehand a pattern similar to the one you see above. The waist is about 27" wide and the length is 40" long. You will notice that the tail is asymmetrical -I wanted it to wrap around the waist and tie at the side to give the illusion of a more full bodied tail. If you are using felt -you are done -just cut out the shape! For cotton -we cut out two pieces, sewed both sides together and flipped inside out to hide the raw edges. Iron flat.

After you have the base of the tail you will need to sew ribbons on for ties. You can do this with a sewing machine or by hand. We suggest sewing as opposed to glue to make it a strong hold.

mermaid scale felt


Now for all those circles! We have several different options to cut out these circles -from using a scissors and and tracing a circle pattern (use the base of a glass), purchasing precut circles from Benzie (get the discounted 12 pack!) or using a die cut method. Any way is a great way to get your child involved in making their very own costume!

mermaid costume diy


After you have cut out your circles attach them to your tail base. You can sew these on -but I love having easy projects that I can do around the rest of the family -so we used fabric glue. Start on the bottom of the tail and attach circles by placing a bit of glue (it doesn't take much) along the top 1/4" of the circle. Go row by row, attaching circles about half way up from the previous row. As you can see with the above photo we spaced somewhat randomly as we accommodated the widening tail.

mermaid felt costume


Tie the ribbon to the mermaids side -a costume perfect for the little fish in your life!


Poppy Headband Tutorial

Posted by Renae Bradley on 30 January, 2017 4 comments

Poppy Headband TutorialSing, dance and hug like a sweet happy troll in our new DIY Poppy headband! 

Supplies for Trolls Party
Supplies to make 2 headbands:
12x18" sheet of Clover Felt
9x12" sheet in Peacock Felt 
A sharp Scissors
Optional: Freezer Paper & iron
Not shown: Sewing machine or embroidery thread

Pattern for Flower Headband

Step One: First make the base of the headband using a this tutorial. We used a sewing machine but we also offer a no-sew option too! 

Step Two: Print off your pattern. You can use basic copy paper and pin the paper to the felt and cut out around the pattern. We really like using freezer paper as it is printable and gives a smoother cut! To use print just like printer paper and lightly iron to felt (waxy side down). You can even reuse the pattern by ironing again! The Clover Felt we used for accent greenery and the Peacock felt for the flowers.
Crafts for Troll Party
Step Three: Cut out six flowers total. We layered two flower cut-outs together to give the headband a bit of dimension. 
Poppy Troll Felt Flowers
Step Four: 
Sandwich the green accent pieces between the flowers. Here you can decide to glue or sew the flowers together.  (Sewing tip: we like to mark the exact center with a disappearing pen -it helps us to sew more even lines!). Attach to the headband with glue and you're ready to be Princess Poppy!
Poppy Troll Costume diy