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Birthday Countdown Calendar with The Sugar House Shop

Posted by Renae Bradley on 08 August, 2019 0 comments

felt ice cream

Have something BIG to celebrate? It doesn't even need to be a birthday -but how about the start of summer break? Or a vacation? Make the day even more exciting by counting down! Everyone loves a celebration! We prettied-up this calendar by The Sugar House Shop and we'll teach you how to do it too! 

felt birthday decorations

First, purchase the pattern for the 'Cherry on Top' calendar. All the instructions, patterns and basic supplies you will need will be explained in the downloadable pattern. This tutorial will show you some tips we learned along the way -and share our biggest change! 

Sweet Color Palette

Our biggest change to The Sugar House Cherry on Top calendar was in the colors we chose -we went totally candy colored! Here are the supplies you will need, all supplies are available at www.benziedesign.com: 

1 1/2 yards of Lilac Felt

Sprinkles felt palette

Sprinkles floss palette

30 Medium felt poms in the colors: Magenta, Lemonade, Blush, Lavender and Aqua

Countdown Felt-fetti in Pink

Lilac colored sewing thread

countdown calendar

We first got our backdrop banner ready using the fun felt color Lilac. Another big change we made to the pattern is instead of stitching the numbers we used premade felt numbers similar to our Countdown Felt-fetti and attached them with tacky glue. You just need the smallest dab per number -use a q-tip to manage flow! 

felt ice cream celebration

After the numbers have been applied and sewn on (we used matching Lilac colored thread to do this). Start cutting out your ice-cream (we used our freezer paper method).

felt ice cream

Then stitch on each ice cream scoop. I love this part! 

felt stitch crafts

We followed Sugar Houses method of prepping the magnets for the 'pom sprinkles'. You'll definitely want to use a micro-tip scissors for this! One change we made is to the size of 'sprinkles' -we used Medium sized poms instead of Large. 
 birthday countdown calendar

Finish up by ironing out all the wrinkles! Here is a tip -always iron on the backside of the banner, if your iron malfunctions it won't ruin your beautiful work! 

countdown calendar craft

Interested in more countdown calendars? Visit our Sugar House Shop here!

MmmCrafts Twelve Days Ornaments / Color Guide by Benzie

Posted by Renae Bradley on 01 August, 2019 3 comments

12 days ornaments craft

The Twelve Days Ornament Series by designer Larissa Holland of MmmCrafts is inspired by the traditional holiday carol. We adore stitching these thoughtfully designed christmas ornaments (you can grab the pattern from MmmCrafts Etsy shop!) -but made the color selection process even easier! We selected hues that evoke the original color palette design by MmmCrafts and simplified it to just 10 colors. You can create all 15 ornaments with our 12x18" felt bundle! In this color guide we will share what felt and floss colors we used for each of the ornaments. The pattern and instructions for the ornaments are found at mmmcrafts.etsy.com.

felt christmas ornaments

To make these ornaments you will first need the pattern. Head over to MmmCrafts Etsy shop to grab the digital pattern. All supplies, instructions and materials are carefully lined out in the pattern. All supplies can be purchased at www.benziedesign.com

Additional supplies: 
-Twelve Days Palette of felt -the 12x18" size will be enough to make all 15 ornaments! The colors we used are Pink, Magenta, Burgundy, Mustard, Ochre, Moss, Midnight, Peacock, Swan and Icicle.
-Twelve Days Palette in floss -10 skeins is enough for all the ornaments 
-Metallic sequins in Teal 
-Seed beads in Teal
-Beading needle, we recommend this embroidery needle

french hen crafts

Each guide clearly lists ornament, felt colors and floss colors. You will also noticed that we replaced many of the french knots with either just beads or both beads and sequins. We only used one color (Teal!) for all the beads and sequins in each ornament. Read up on some helpful tips when stitching with beads and sequins here

12 days ornaments color help

Day 1: Partridge and Pear
This first set is made without sequins or beads -you can see what a difference a little sparkle makes! I suggest replacing the Pink and Mustard French Knots with Teal Beads + Sequins -don't forget to include the Partridge eye! 
Partridge felt: Pink, Magenta, Burgundy and Swan.
Partridge floss: Pink, Magenta, Burgundy, Swan, Peacock and Mustard. 
Pear felt: Pink, Burgundy and Swan. 
Pear floss: Pink, Burgundy, Swan, Magenta and Mustard.

Day 2: Turtle Dove
Felt: Mustard, Peacock and Swan.
Floss: Mustard, Peacock, Swan, Midnight and Icicle.

Day 3: French Hen
Felt: Pink, Magenta, Burgundy, Mustard and Peacock.
Floss: Pink Magenta, Burgundy and Mustard.

Day 4: Colly Bird
Felt: Moss, Mustard, Peacock and Midnight.
Floss: Moss, Mustard, Peacock, Midnight and Swan.

twelve days ornaments

Day 5: Golden Ring
Felt: Mustard, Ochre, Magenta and Pink.
Floss: Mustard, Ochre, Magenta, Pink, Peacock and Icicle.

Day 6: Goose a-Laying
Egg Felt: Burgundy and Peacock
Egg Floss: Burgundy, Peacock, Mustard and Icicle.
Goose Felt: Burgundy, Peacock, Swan and Mustard.
Goose Floss: Burgundy, Peacock, Swan, Mustard and Icicle.

Day 7: Swan a-Swimming 
Felt: Midnight, Peacock, Swan, Mustard and Ochre.
Floss: Midnight, Peacock, Swan, Mustard, Ochre and Icicle.

12 days of ornaments


Maid a Milking ornament diy

Day 8: Maid a-Milking
Felt: Burgundy, Midnight, Magenta, Peacock and Icicle.
Floss: Burgundy, Midnight, Magenta, Peacock and Icicle with Mustard accents.

Day 9: Drummer Drumming
Felt: Midnight, Peacock, Swan, Mustard and Ochre.
Floss: Midnight, Peacock, Swan, Mustard, Ochre and Icicle.

Day 10: Piper Piping 
Felt: Peacock, Swan, Moss and Ochre.
Floss: Peacock, Swan, Moss, Ochre and Midnight.

Dancer Dancing felt ornament

Day 11: Lady Dancing
Felt: Magenta, Pink, Ochre, Peacock and Swan
Floss: Magenta, Pink, Ochre, Peacock, Swan, Burgundy and Icicle.

Day 12: Lord a-Leaping
Lord Felt: 
Magenta, Pink, Burgundy, Ochre and Icicle.
Lord Floss: Magenta, Pink, Burgundy, Ochre and Icicle.
Heart Felt: Magenta and Pink.
Heart Floss: Magenta, Pink, Mustard and Peacock.

Twelve Days of Christmas Felt Ornaments

Here are a few suggestions I will follow next time to make this project go more smoothly -and stand out even more! 

-I ended up using more Peacock then anticipated -and barely got by in the 12x18" felt size and was short in floss too. If this pattern is followed exactly prepare by purchasing an additional skein of Peacock floss. It's also super easy to alter our suggested colors though -like placing a different color of felt on the back of the egg. 

-In our experience Fabric Solvy doesn't get tacky or unusable with age and we suggest printing out all 14 ornaments on Solvy at one time, rough cut and place on desired colors prior to stitching. This will ensure fair and even use of your colors of felt -and your end result balanced and gorgeous! 

-I tend to stick with the same colors of floss as felt in the decorative stitching -but I wish I would have utilized more of the complementary colors in the palette to provide even more of a visible pop! 

Interested in more help? Join our private Facebook group just for Twelve Days Stitchers. Happy Crafting! 

Easy Llama and Cactus Garland

Posted by Renae Bradley on 19 March, 2019 1 comment

Llama and Cactus Craft

Using stitch dies in partnership with Neat and Tangled you can easily create llama and cactus crafts! If you are new to die cutting -read up on how to do it and if you are new to stitching read up on how to stitch up these dies! 

Felt llama

Here are all the supplies you need to make a festive garland: 

-Stitch Dies -grab the llama and the cactus dies made in collaboration with Neat and Tangled. 
-Benzie Felt -we love the bright colors of the Tropical Palette with the addition of Linen for the the llama. 
-For extra sparkle -add in sequins and glitter felt! We used black seed beads for the llamas eyes!
-Assorted felt poms in extra small and small. We used the colors Tangerine, Magenta, Aqua and Leaf. 
-Bright colored embroidery floss -don't forget the linen colored floss to stitch up the llama! 
-Polyfil & a stuffing stick

felt cactus craft

1.) First cut out your shapes using the cactus and llama die. You will need two shapes per side. Reference this blog post to find out more about die cutting! 
2.) Grab coordinating or contrasting floss -we used 3 strands and the running stitch to stitch our friends up. If you are new to stitching or stitch dies -read up on your options! Don't forget to leave a space to add in polyfil! You'll find the stuffing tool useful in getting into small spaces! 
3.) embellish with pom, sequins and tassels! It's a fiesta! Quick tip -use this special glue to attach the sequins! 

llama crafts

Make a garland by sewing the cactus and llama with embroidery floss and small size wool poms. 

cinco de mayo garland

Or make a diorama and put the cactus in a pot

llama and cactus felt

Create our other stitch dies crafts:

Unicorn Mobile
Snowflake Ornaments
Ugly Sweater Gift Topper

Stitched Dies, Unicorn Mobile

Posted by Renae Bradley on 14 September, 2018 3 comments

Unicorn mobile diy

We are so excited to partner with Neat & Tangled to develop a set of stitchable dies! What is so special about these dies is that the stitch marks are etched right in the die -making stitching a total breeze! All your embroidery will be perfectly spaced and just gorgeous! These are great for children and adults just getting into felt crafts or embroidery. But the experienced hand sewer will love how everything is cut out with one swift roll of the die cutter!  

rainbow unicorn crafts

I wanted to pass on a couple of resources you may find helpful! For those new to die cutting read this blog post. All of Neat & Tangled dies are wafer thin dies and will need a platform to cut on. Concerning cutting, some find it helpful to run the dies through your cutter one extra time to get a clean edge -other then that they will cut just like paper! Also, if you are new to stitching we talk about 3 different ways you can stitch up these dies! 

Where to buy wool felt

Supplies (all available at www.benziedesign.com):

  • Stitchable dies by Neat & Tangled + Benzie! We used two sets to make this mobile, the unicorn and the cloud set. 
  • Benzie Felt, we used the colors Peony, Coral, Peach, Guava, Mint, Julep, Sky and Periwinkle. We love how our 6x9" sheets fit perfectly in our die cut machine!
  • Embroidery Floss in coordinating felt colors. This floss divides into six strands; we used three strands for this project.
  • Iridescent 4mm Sequins: We used Amethyst, Citron, Jade and Rose Quartz.
  • Seed Beads: We used coordinating beads to the sequins and also black for eyes! 
  • Ink, we used the color Rose Coral, Splash and Chambray
  • Needles (if you are using beads make sure you utilize a beading needle), here is a great basic needle and here is our favorite

Wafer thin dies with felt

Here is a close up of the dies -can see all the little stitch holes?! After you pick out all your favorite felt colors -get to cutting out your pieces! Don't forget to cut a front and back piece for the unicorn and clouds! Read more about die cutting here. 

die cut clouds for felt

The cloud die is a great die for the beginner stitcher. After you have cut out all the pieces, thread your needle. We used 3 strands of coordinating floss, lined up the front and the back felt pieces and used the running stitch. You can read more about the running stitch here! We also added some fun shading to our clouds -with ink! Lightly tap the ink pad over the areas you would like added color! 

unicorn crafts with dies

For the unicorn we like to stitch on all embellishments first with just 1-2 strands of floss: cheeks, eyes (we used a seed bead), sequins and felt accents. Read more about stitching with beads and sequins here! Then match up both sides of the unicorn together using the running stitch with 3 strands of floss. Don't forget to stitch in the tail or mane! As I stitched, I filled up the unicorn with polyfil using a stuffing stick (or a small pointed scissors) to help fill the small crevices such as the legs! 

Unicorn horns out of felt

There are a couple of different ways to finish off the magical horn! The front one is bedazzled with sequins and beads, the middle one has floss wound around the horn and the last one is just left alone! You can also use some tacky glue to secure.

Unicorn mobile

diy unicorn mobile 

Unicorn and Cloud diy decor

String your cloud and unicorn together! Then hang from a mobile, dowel or embroidery hoop, it's magical! 

pink unicorn mobile

Clothespin Doll Mermaid

Posted by Renae Bradley on 12 July, 2018 2 comments

Mermaid clothespin doll

We really love mermaids (check out this sparkly banner or our beautiful costume tail) and had to make up some dolls too! Utilizing basic wood pieces, Benzie felt and beginner needle felting techniques -you'll have a gorgeous collection of 'maids and 'men in no time! 

felt supplies for dolls

Supplies needed, click to buy at www.benziedesign.com

Wool Blend Felt -we used colors Pink, Rose, Swan, Sky and Lilac
Wool Roving -we used the colors Rose, Peacock, Nightingale, Vineyard and Thistle
Wood Clothespins and heads
Needle felting pad
Needle felting needle
Fabric Marker (we like that this one doesn't bleed on the wood!)
Ink -we used Chambray, Plumeria, Dark Peony and Spa
Tacky Glue
Pattern, PDF or SVG

clothespin mermaid

Step One:
Print off your pattern and cut out your felt shapes! You can do this by printing on regular printer paper, pin to your felt and cut out the shapes but we find the freezer paper method our favorite way! And for those of you who have a Cricut Maker -we included the cvg file -note that the smaller shapes can get a little choppy on the Maker and may need to be cleaned up with scissors!

Mermaid doll craft

Step Two:
Gluing part! Grab your clothespin, fill the head up with glue and attach. Then take your coordinating tails (note there is a front and a back, and a straight and a curved tail). Glue the tails onto the doll making sure the fins line up. You don't need a lot of glue -just enough for the perimeter. Then add tail details such as the scallop top. Feel free to cut down the tail for a merman! 

Mermaid hair crafts

Step Three:
Take out your roving! If you have never needle felted before you may want to read this beginner tutorial -but playing with this mermaid hair is perfect for someone wanting to get a taste of roving! We suggest using the felting tool to form the hair but you can always forgo this step too! Gently pull apart about a 1 1/2 x 12" inch piece of roving. You can make it any length you want but I think mermaids look best in long hair! I also added small wisps of other colors of roving at this time as mermaids love long and colorful hair!

clothespin mermaid hair

Fold the length of roving in half. Using the doll head, form the roving to the head.

how to style mermaid doll hair

Remove roving from the head and use the needle felting needle and foam pad to style the hair in place. I love felting in a side part! You will form the mermaids wig prior to attaching it.

mermaid peg doll instructions

Place glue on the head and place the mermaid hair over the top. Finish styling the hair in place added details such as stars or flowers. 

mermaid peg doll

Step Four:
Finish off the doll by adding eyes with this marker (it doesn't bleed on the wood!) and gluing on felt cheeks cheeks! We also applied a little ink in to their tails -it adds a bit of depth to the felt! Alternately you can use a q-tip to blush up their cheeks with the ink. 

merman doll

To make a merman I used Benzie's Ginger felt to make a crown and added a beard! 

mermaid doll kids craft

Make a swim school of magical mermaids for yourself or with your favorite ocean princess -kids will love this! Share what you make with #benziefelt on Facebook or Instagram!

Easy Felt Monstera Leaf

Posted by Renae Bradley on 23 May, 2018 3 comments

DIY Monstera leaf

This big leaves from the Monstera plant are so easy to make! Cut out a single large leaf for simple accents or make yourself a whole vase of them! They will brighten up any corner in your house! 
 monstera leaf making

Things you will need:

Wool Blend Felt from Benzie Design is perfect for this project -I used 12x18" sheets in Kelly and Emerald. But feel free to use yards for really big leaves!

Freezer Paper (or regular paper) & Scissors (or use the Cricut Maker)

Spray stiffener 

Glue (tacky or hot glue will work)

Florist wire, 18 gauge 

PDF Pattern or SVG Pattern -scale as needed.

 felt monstera leaf directions

First -get your pattern ready. We provided a couple of different sizes but feel free to scale the print to the size you want. The most basic way to transfer the pattern to the felt is to print the pattern on basic copy paper to the size you would like, cut out, pin pattern to the felt then cut out. You can also use freezer paper to transfer the pattern (read about that here) or the Cricut Maker. Save your felt scraps -we will use them later!

How to make felt stiff

Grab your spray stiffener and spray down your leaves over some scrap paper or cardboard. The more you spray -the more stiff the leaves will be. If you want more floppy leaves -spray less. Wait till dry. We talk more about spray stiffener here

how to make tropical leaves

Cut out oblong vein shape out of your leftover felt.

diy tropical leaves

Use the vein to glue the florist wire in place. To make extra long stems -twist two wires together. 

how to make tropical leaves

Arrange in a vase! You can a few leaves or make a whole leafy plant! Add in a few poms to hold them in place. Happy Crafting!

How to stiffen felt




10 Ways to Craft with Enamel Pins

Posted by Renae Bradley on 04 December, 2017 3 comments

Craft with enamel pins

We love flair (especially Benzie's new line just for crafters) but love it even more when we have multiple ways to display it! But first let's introduce our pins: our favorite celebrates felt (of course!), then next felt poms and finally, embroidery floss! A fantastic trio designed using the colors from our Cactus Palette. We couldn't decide between the classic pin back or the magnetic back so we decided to offer both for more crafting and display potential!

Here are our top 10 favorite ways to pin, glue and craft with lapel pins!  

crafters flair

1. It's what denim was made for, right?! Pin them to your jacket, purse or tote bag! We like the magnetic backs for blouses and pin backs for jackets. Find all 3 enamel pins here!

2. Shout out your love for flair and glue to the zipper of your cosmetic bag or backpack! (Anytime you're gluing flair -don't forget the super strong glue!)

Paperclip craft

3. Glue one on back of a giant paperclip (we love to stay organized!). When gluing make sure to have a magnet back pin or just take off the pin with a wrench! Find the I Heart Felt pin here

4. Keep your memos safe in style -tac it to a cork board with a lapel pin! 

Lapel Pin Magnet

5. My favorite organizing method -just use magnet backed flair... to make a magnet! These magnets are super crazy strong and I guarantee this will become your favorite -it's functional and holds over 20 sheets of regular paper and just plain pretty too!  You'll want to use a super strong glue to attach the magnet! Get our I Heart Felt magnet backed pin here!

enamel pin display

6. Show them off in a felt banner! Make it easy and use our precut felt banners!

lapel pin display

5. Or display them in a felt covered embroidery hoop

Enamel Pin Embroidery Floss

8. Use the pin to glam up a flower or bow center for a gift topper! Wouldn't this also look cute as hair bow too? We used the french bow die to cut out this topper and the I Heart Floss pin. 

Needle Minder Embroidery Floss

9. The number one reason I love magnet backs - for needle minders! It's a great way to keep those sharps safe and glam up your cross stitch. All three of Benzie's lapel pins come in a magnetic backed option, we show our I Heart Floss pin here!

Enamel Pin Necklace Jewelery

10. Grab a bail and chain and make your own necklace! This is just so pretty and great way to show off your flair any day! We used this glue to attach our bail to the 'I Heart Poms' pin. 

Which way to use your pins is your favorite? I love how many options there are -some super functional and others just flashy! What is your favorite way to flair? 

Customized Quote Banner with Neat & Tangled

Posted by Renae Bradley on 19 September, 2017 38 comments

mermaid banner

We partnered with craft company Neat and Tangled -and was thrilled to try out their stock of stamps and die cuts. Visit their blog this week to see what they made with Benzie's felt!

Die cutting is definitely a must in this craft -but you'll love the results so much you'll want to quote up everything in sight! Neat and Tangled introduced us to the Journaling Alpha die and we are going to teach you how easy it is to use with our felt! 

 thin die cuts for felt

Supplies needed:
-Felt Banner: We used our big felt-fetti for this one, but it's really easy to cut out a banner shape out of a 6x9" sheet of felt too! We used the color Julep. 
-You only need one 6x9" sheet of felt to cut out the letters, but I would grab a second sheet if you are new to die cutting. We used the color Pool.
-The secret to success is using an iron-on adhesive.
-Journaling Alphas die cut
-Embroidery floss to match your felt (use one strand of divisible floss)
-Peacock Feathers sequins, we love this mix! 
-Beads, we love using our aqua shaded seed beads
-Dowel, cut down to six inches.
-Needle, you'll want a needle small enough to stitch through beads. We like our 5/10 size

iron adhesive for felt

Step one: Iron the adhesive to a sheet of felt. 

die cut letters felt

Step two: If you are new to die cutting we suggest reading over this post to get started. Using the sheet of the felt that the adhesive was ironed on too, set up your die cut 'sandwich' in the order pictured. Keep note that the die cut needs to be on the felt side (not the adhesive side). Roll through die cut machine twice to ensure a clean cut. 

die cut small felt letters

Step three: Just peel the letters right off, the adhesive will be right on the back! Do step two a few more times until you get all the letters desired. Tip: An experienced die cutter can strategically place the die to get all cuts on a single 6x9" sheet. 

diy custom quote banner

Step four: I found it helpful to use a see through ruler when arranging all the letters on the banner. 

iron wool blend felt

Step five: Iron the letters on using a layer or two of tissue paper. Don't forget the tissue paper... or you just may burn your felt (I know from experience!). 

sequins and beads for felt

sewing on mermaid sequins

Step six: The Peacock sequin blend was just perfect for this mermaid themed banner! Using beads is the easiest and neatest way to sew sequins on, just make you select the right needle! 

Step seven: Use the dowel and embroidery floss to hang up your banner! 

make a mermaid banner

Sequined Felt Fall Leaves with Neat & Tangled

Posted by Renae Bradley on 18 September, 2017 37 comments

How to sew felt leaves

We partnered with craft company Neat and Tangled -and was thrilled to try out their stock of stamps and die cuts. Visit their blog this week to see what they made with Benzie's felt!

Nothing is prettier to watch then fall leaves turning color! We have added a little sparkle to our fall leaves by the way of sequins to bring some magic indoors! 

wool blend felt leaves

We partnered with Neat & Tangled and tried out their Maple Thanks die along with a perfectly fall mix of sequins! Die cuts are a great way to quickly start up a project! 

Other items you will need to get started:
-Benzie's wool blend felt in the colors Mulberry, Copper, Ochre, Fern, Moss and Blue Spruce. A 6x9" sheet will work great in your die cut machine too!
-Beads, the bronze iridescent beads complement the sequins perfectly!
-Floss or thread to match the felt (use one strand of divisible floss)
-Needle -make sure you have one that can stitch though a bead.
-polyfil, just a bit! 

thin die cuts and felt

If you are new to die cutting we suggest checking out our tutorial. Layer items in the order show (platform, cutting pad, felt, die cut and finally another cutting pad). I always roll thin dies through the machine twice to ensure a full cut. Cut two leaves per color. 

sewing sequins to felt

sewing sequins on felt

My favorite part is placing on the sequins -and these colors by Neat & Tangled are perfect for the season. It's fun to see the leaves come alive with sparkle! I have found the easiest (and neatest) way is to sew them on with a bead. I use some beads alone as accents too! Here you can go minimal or just adorn your leaves with sparkle!

felt fall leaves craft

When you are done with the sequins, whip stitch the leaf closed filling with just a pinch of polyfil prior to closing. 

felt fall leaves

I love this palette of fall colors together! Display them in a bowl or make a garland out of them! 

Fall felt garland

 Fall felt leaf garland

Felt Headband DIY

Posted by Renae Bradley on 23 January, 2017 0 comments

Felt Headband DIYYou know you're going to want one in every color -and you might as well! These felt covered headbands are simple to make a great base to embellish! You can assemble these using a sewing machine or by using glue -both methods are described below. 

Felt Headband Supplies
Grab your supplies:
-rotary cutter & mat or scissors
-glue or sewing machine (not pictured)
How to Cut Felt
Step one: 
You will need two strips of felt 1/2" by 16 1/2" long to make one headband (or go ahead and cut a bunch to make a rainbow!). You can vary the width of your headband by how wide you cut the strips. We find that the best way to cut long strips evenly is with a rotary cutter and ruler -but you can also mark your felt with a disappearing marker, a sharp scissors and a steady hand. 
Felt Headband Craft
Step two:
Here you can choose if you want to make this a no sew project or add the extra details of stitching! 
Sew a Headband
Sew method: 
You can hand stitch with embroidery floss but we used a sewing machine! Carefully line up the two strips of felt. Start at on end and stitch all around leaving the end open -making a sleeve for the metal headband to slip into. Place the headband in the open end and slide felt over the metal headband. Stitch felt closed (careful not to sew over the metal band!) and trim to size.
No Sew Felt Headband
No Sew: 
Glue one side of the strip of felt. We like using Tacky Glue. You only need a little bit to get a strong but flexible hold. If you use too much it will soak through the felt making your headband stiff. Carefully sandwich the headband between the two pieces of felt -pinching the length of the felt together to adhere. It's time to try it on! 
Felt Headband