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Boho Macrame Wall Hanging

Posted by Renae Bradley on 17 May, 2019 1 comment

boho macrame wreath

Easily create a whimsical, floral wall hanging that incorporates a beginner macrame knot called Lark's Head Knot and accented with a felt flower cluster.

macrame wall hanging

We used supples from www.benziedesign.com:

10" Gold Metal Ring
Macrame cord in Indigo, 5mm: Cut eighteen 28" lengths .
Flower Bouquet Felt-fetti, we used the colors Linen (2), Mulberry and Peony
Small poms in White and Midnight
Glue Gun
Greenery sprigs

Dreamcatcher wreath knot

Step 1: Take one piece of 28" rope and fold it in half. Put the folded end behind the gold ring.

Step 2: Pull the other two ends of the rope up toward the folded side of the rope.

Step 3: Insert the two ends of the rope over the ring and into the loop created by the fold.

Step 4: Pull both lengths of rope tight to form the Larks Head knot.

boho macrame tutorial

Repeat the Larks Head Knot using all 18 pieces of rope. When finished flip the whole ring over so that the loop part of the knot is in the front. This is the side that you will adhere the felt flowers and greenery to. 

Watch our video tutorial for the macrame portion of this project!

macrame and flowers

This design uses three different flowers from the Big Felt-Fetti Flower Bouquet.  Our felt-fetti bag included the colors linen (2), mulberry, and peony. To get full details on how to make the flowers shown here visit our diy!

dreamcatcher diy

For the large flower we used 3 small and 3 large petals and gently patted the petal with colored ink. Once the ink has dried use a glue gun to form the petals (see our blog post how to form the flower). Once you have created your flowers arrange the flowers on the hoop and hot glue into place.  Insert sprigs of greenery -or even felt accents - to finish it off. Enjoy your beautiful creation! 

Boho design crafted by Benzie Team Member Stephanie Barta. 

Easy Macrame Wreath

Posted by Renae Bradley on 06 May, 2019 1 comment

How to make a macrame wreath

Create a beautiful Macrame Wreath with just one simple knot! This wreath uses a Macrame Half Knot repeatedly tied around a metal ring. In traditional Macrame you would use three ropes for this knot. However, in this project the metal ring takes the place of one of the ropes and you will tie knots with two ropes around the metal ring. As you tie the Half Knot around the metal ring and repeat tying the same knot over and over again, the knots will begin to spiral and it will create an interesting and unique design! Make sure you always tie the Half Knot in the same direction to create the spiral (in this photo tutorial each Half Knot begins with the rope on the left side of the ring). Give Macrame a try -it is so much fun! 

Easy Macrame Wreath Supplies

Supplies needed for the macrame wreath:

10" Gold Metal Ring
27' 100% Cotton Rope -5mm in Graphite
Glue Gun
Tape (optional)

To make the flowers we used Benzie felt colors in Oats, Rosewood, Raspberry and Sage along with extra small and small poms in Orchid, Graphite and Blush. They are super easy to make, grab the tutorial

step by step macrame

how to half knot a wreath

Photo 1: Tape two ends of rope (you'll want two equal lengths) to the ring. Another starting technique (not pictured here) is to take the full length of rope (not cut to two equal lengths), find the middle and wrap it behind one point on the ring so it is halved and two equal lengths of rope are on either side of the ring, then tie a simple knot around the ring.

Photo 2: Make a backward D shape with the rope on the left and take the rope over the top of the ring and under the rope on the right.

Photo 3: Take the rope from the right side of the ring and pass it under the ring, through the backward D shape hole and over the top of the rope on the left.

Photo 4: Pull both lengths of rope tight to form the Half Knot.

Repeat this same Half Knot (photo steps 2-4) over and over again around the metal ring. The knots will spiral around the ring to create a beautiful design. When the entire ring is full of knots, cut your rope ends leaving just enough length to securely glue the ends into the knots on the back of the wreath. We recommend using a hot glue gun for this.

Watch our video tutorial for the macrame portion of this project!

Flower and Macrame Wreath

Arrange and hot glue your finished flowers. Check out our flower tutorial here

flower macrame wall hanging 
Wreath designed and crafted by Benzie Team member Crystal Knerien. 

Magnolia Flower Wreath

Posted by Renae Bradley on 19 April, 2018 1 comment

 magnolia flower diy

We all love the magnolia - here is our favorite leafy wreath! Today we are going to focus on the blossom, the petals fold out to full blooms to create a circular wreath or garland that seems full of the scent of magnolia!

Felt Flower Supplies

Supplies needed:

How to cut out felt for flowers

First, get started by cutting out petals and leaves! Using our pattern as a guide free hand cut or trace out using freezer paper. You will want a variety of sizes of magnolia petals and a few leaves as well. Second, we love to accent our petals with just a bit of pink ink -it makes them so lifelike! Gently ink to build up the color you would like your petals to be.  And third -form your flat petals into cupped beauties! To do this hot glue the two bottom notches together. To cup the top part of the flower add the smallest amount of glue (you will want a narrow tipped glue gun for this!) to the top and center of the petal and use your fingers to pinch together. This will result in a fold of the felt, use your scissors to smooth out the fold. 

how to make a felt flower

I start a bloom by taking 3 small petals and gluing the bases together in triangle like shape then finish it off by attaching a felt pom. Try out different colored poms -I would love to see this in our light butter yellow color or orchid pink! This is your base for all of the magnolia flowers. 

felt flowers diy

Continue to add petals to the base. Add more for a full blossomed bloom -or less for those littlest flowers. Our fullest flower includes 9 petals and uses a medium sized pom. Our medium flower includes 6 petals. Our closed bloom includes just 3 petals and uses a small size pom. 

magnolia flower diy

These large felt petals can get floppy and flat. To help the flower lay as they would in nature I used my glue gun to carefully 'tack' petals to each other enhancing the lay and fold of each bloom. 

how to make a wreath for felt flowers

Once all your flowers are made and some petals cut use your coiled wire to make a wreath. This wreath is 12" wide -I wrapped the wired twig four times around to give it it's width. I intentionally left the ends run free to give the wreath a more natural appearance. You can also use this wired twig for making a garland. 

 flower wreath diy

Arrange the finished flowers on the wreath using hot glue to adhere. Place the leaves on as accents. Use the wire twigs that we left sticking out of the wreath as places to add small bloom or leaves. When forming the wreath -I bended in a few more wild twigs as I love the natural free style look!

how to secure flowers to wreaths

To make the large flowers extra secure attached some felt ovals with hot glue to the back of the wreath. 

diy anemone wreath

magnolia wreath

I made two different wreaths. The top one is more full and includes 2 large, 2 medium and 5 small blooms. The second one is more simple and includes 1 large, 1 medium and 2 small blooms. You can make them however you want to fit your style and decor! Be sure to check out our leafy magnolia wreath too! 

felt flower tutorials

Felt Boxwood Wreath

Posted by Renae Bradley on 16 November, 2017 1 comment

Felt Boxwood wreath diy

Everyone loves the classic look of boxwood wreaths for the holidays so we interpreted the full and fresh green leaves into a simple and slender felt leaf wreath design -one that won't die out! 

Supplies needed:
--Your favorite green felt from Benzie. We used Moss -but Meadow or Zucchini would look great too! But if you don't want to cut out all those ovals by hand we suggest our Oval shaped felt-fetti
--Embroidery hoops, we used 6", 7" and 8" size
--Ribbon, we used 1 1/2" wide linen like ribbon
--Glue gun, other glues work too but we like how fast this glue dries.

Felt Boxwood Wreath


1. This wreath is includes about 100 small felt ovals -if you are using felt-fetti we suggest one bag of small ovals or two bags of large ovals per wreath. If you are using felt about one to two 12x18" sheets of felt will work per wreath. 

2. Heat up your glue gun and add a dot of glue to the base of your oval and pinch together. This makes your leaf.

3.The wreath is composed of two rows of leaves, use the inner and outer circle of the embroidery hoop as your guide. One leaf is placed slightly in front of the previous leaf. Each row is staggered. After you're done with the two basic rows -fill in any bald spots with extra leaves. This gives the wreath more of a natural and irregular look.

felt christmas wreath


4. Finish off with some festive ribbon! Our oval fetti shapes is one of my favorites. We used it to make our succulents too! It's perfect for forming leaves and petals -don't forget that ovals are super easy to hand cut too and a great way to use up every little bit of felt! Merry Christmas!

directions for felt greenery

Magnolia Holiday Wreath

Posted by Renae Bradley on 16 November, 2016 5 comments

Felt Magnolia Wreath

Get holiday ready. Deck your wall and warm your heart with our DIY Merry Magnolia Wreath (as seen in Better Homes & Garden's Make it Yourself magazine!). At Benzie, we love it in Moss colored felt trimmed with our white handmade poms but Benzie's Meadow felt with accents of Zucchini would give it the true Magnolia wreath feel. A no-glue and no-sew project too! Grab your supplies below.

Supplies for felt wreath

Supplies needed:
12-14" foam wreath base 
Stick pins
1 1/2 yards of wool blend felt or 12 bags of leaf felt-fetti 
1.5cm or 2cm felt balls, 25 in white

how to make a felt wreath
First, grab your stack of felt leaves (skip the scissors and use our precut shapes) or cut your own almond shaped leaves out of yardage. Our large leaves are about 3 1/2 x 2 inches wide and our small leaves are about 2 1/2 x 1 1/4" inches wide. To give the wreath a full appearance we folded the tip of each leaf over each other and use the stick pin to attach to the styrofoam wreath. 

Felt Greenery How ToContinue to place the leaves row by row -pinning each leaf about 1/2" to 1" apart from each other. You will only pin leaves to the front and sides of the wreath. The back side will remain unfinished. 

Craft a wreath from felt.

Continue until the wreath is completed. Use leftover leaves to fill in empty spaces. 


Mistletoe Wreath from FeltLastly, grab the felt poms and stick the pin through the edge of the pom and carefully pin to the wreath hiding the pin in the back side of the pom. A beautiful full wreath to decorate! Go all out and add some magnolia flowers to it -get the diy!

Watch our instruction video!

Felt DIY Greenery Wreath

 Add any felt shapes to make it your own! Using pins allows you to update and switch things up any time you please! Happy Holidays!

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