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Easiest Felt Flowers: Roses + Daisies

Posted by Renae Bradley on 07 May, 2019 1 comment

Easiest Felt Roses and Daisies

The secret to creating felt flowers quickly? Die cut your felt! If you have a Sizzix die cut machine -grab our favorite felt flower die here (we have lots of others too!). But no worries if you don't -we offer precut shapes too! The Flower Bouquet Felt-fetti is one of Benzie's favorites -so many flower shapes come in just one bag!

You may also want to grab a few felt poms in size small and make sure you have a glue gun too! 

Easy felt roses and daisies

We will focus on creating the rose and the daisy -but use the techniques you learn to mix and match to make a variety of blooms! All the shapes and flowers shown here can be purchased in the Flower Bouquet Felt-fetti. We used a variety of colors from Benzie's French Fleur Felt Palette

Felt Flower tutorial

Every flower in this bouquet has a center. The center can just be a felt ball (we like using small sized poms!) -or use the felt rectangle as shown above. When you fold the rectangle in half the precut notches make pretty pistols or head of the flower. Change the look by snipping the pistols in half or wrap it around a pom (that's what we did to make our rose!). Another fun perk of the flower shapes is that they are designed with a place to hold on to the felt -it's the little circle you see next to the shape! Holding onto this piece will help you to get your rolling technique just right! 

easy felt daisy

For the daisy you will need one flower center and two daisy petal die cuts. Once the flower center is rolled -wrap the daisy around the center securing with glue. Wrap the second daisy shape around the base and you're done! We also like to wrap the daisy die cut around itself to make foliage too! 

Easy Felt Rose

The rose uses a center wrapped around a small size pom -see how we snipped the ends first! You can also leave them folded for a completely different look! Grab the 4 different petal shapes as shown in the photo. We first use the two circle shaped petals and wrapped them around the flower center -then glued the petals opposite of each other to fill it out! 

Easy Felt Flowers

Read more about die cutting here or grab the flower felt-fetti to create a quick bouquet! Mix and match the petals or add inking to make a variety of blooms! 

Read more on how we used these flowers to adorn a boho macrame piece! 

Simple Felt Flowers, Free Pattern!

Posted by Renae Bradley on 18 April, 2019 6 comments

simple felt flowers

These simple shaped flowers need no elaborate cutting, forming or fussy attaching -they are pretty (and pretty simple to make)! Grab your supplies below. 

how to make easy felt flowers

We use the Benzie felt colors Violet, Sky, Periwinkle and Blue Spruce. Either download the free pattern or buy a pack of felt-fetti

Free pattern:
PDF pattern for cutting (try our freezer paper method & favorite scissors!)
SVG file for Cricut Maker (read up on how to use!)

If you want to keep things super simple -leave the cutting to us and grab a bag or two of our precut Classic Blossoms felt-fetti! You can select any colors you would like too! 

You will also need a few small sized poms (we used Swan) and a hot glue gun

Instructions on Felt Flowers

Step 1. Once you have all your felt blossoms cut use your hot glue gun to add a spot of glue at the base of each petal. We like to use the small size blossom first.
Step 2. Fold up the blossoms to attach to the felt pom. 
Step 3. Continue to add layers by following the glue pattern used in step one! We like to add the larger blossoms next. This flower includes 3 layers total. 

Felt flowers made easy

To make the little greenery sprig fold a blossom in half -and then in half again. Glue to secure. I love positioning these on the undersides of the blossoms -they look so finished and happy that way! 

felt flower blossoms, free pattern

And repeat the process again and again to make a full bouquet of flowers. Add to hair clips, wreaths, pouches or wall hangings! Learn how to add it to the macrame wreath here

Felt flower wreath!

Magnolia Flower Wreath

Posted by Renae Bradley on 19 April, 2018 1 comment

 magnolia flower diy

We all love the magnolia - here is our favorite leafy wreath! Today we are going to focus on the blossom, the petals fold out to full blooms to create a circular wreath or garland that seems full of the scent of magnolia!

Felt Flower Supplies

Supplies needed:

How to cut out felt for flowers

First, get started by cutting out petals and leaves! Using our pattern as a guide free hand cut or trace out using freezer paper. You will want a variety of sizes of magnolia petals and a few leaves as well. Second, we love to accent our petals with just a bit of pink ink -it makes them so lifelike! Gently ink to build up the color you would like your petals to be.  And third -form your flat petals into cupped beauties! To do this hot glue the two bottom notches together. To cup the top part of the flower add the smallest amount of glue (you will want a narrow tipped glue gun for this!) to the top and center of the petal and use your fingers to pinch together. This will result in a fold of the felt, use your scissors to smooth out the fold. 

how to make a felt flower

I start a bloom by taking 3 small petals and gluing the bases together in triangle like shape then finish it off by attaching a felt pom. Try out different colored poms -I would love to see this in our light butter yellow color or orchid pink! This is your base for all of the magnolia flowers. 

felt flowers diy

Continue to add petals to the base. Add more for a full blossomed bloom -or less for those littlest flowers. Our fullest flower includes 9 petals and uses a medium sized pom. Our medium flower includes 6 petals. Our closed bloom includes just 3 petals and uses a small size pom. 

magnolia flower diy

These large felt petals can get floppy and flat. To help the flower lay as they would in nature I used my glue gun to carefully 'tack' petals to each other enhancing the lay and fold of each bloom. 

how to make a wreath for felt flowers

Once all your flowers are made and some petals cut use your coiled wire to make a wreath. This wreath is 12" wide -I wrapped the wired twig four times around to give it it's width. I intentionally left the ends run free to give the wreath a more natural appearance. You can also use this wired twig for making a garland. 

 flower wreath diy

Arrange the finished flowers on the wreath using hot glue to adhere. Place the leaves on as accents. Use the wire twigs that we left sticking out of the wreath as places to add small bloom or leaves. When forming the wreath -I bended in a few more wild twigs as I love the natural free style look!

how to secure flowers to wreaths

To make the large flowers extra secure attached some felt ovals with hot glue to the back of the wreath. 

diy anemone wreath

magnolia wreath

I made two different wreaths. The top one is more full and includes 2 large, 2 medium and 5 small blooms. The second one is more simple and includes 1 large, 1 medium and 2 small blooms. You can make them however you want to fit your style and decor! Be sure to check out our leafy magnolia wreath too! 

felt flower tutorials

Felt Roses with Scrap Felt

Posted by Team Benzie on 25 October, 2017 5 comments

Felt Roses with Scrap Felt

Hello everyone!  I contacted Renae about guest blogging because I LOVE Benzie felt and want to show how you can make some amazing flowers with your scrap felt.  If you are anything like me, you have piles of chunky scraps that you can’t throw out but are too small for full pattern pieces.  These roses are easy, free form and come out so pretty!  Let’s get started.

*Note before starting - Real roses aren’t perfect…they have chips in their petals, they are wavy, the petals aren’t perfectly smooth across the top nor are they all the same size.  I have a pattern, but honestly, I just cut out free form petal shapes to make the most of my scraps.  This is a project to release your control and be free!

Felt scrap flowers 

What you need:
Flower colored felt scraps
Leaf Colored felt
Floral wire – one heavier piece for stem, two finer for leaves
Hot glue and Glue gun
Sharp Scissors
Flower pattern (Optional)

Felt flower petals

Cut out petals. 
I usually cut out a bunch of petals of varying sizes, some with dips in the middle and some with a little bulge on the top.  Just make sure they all relatively straight cut bottoms.

Make felt flower roses

 Shaping the Petals 

  1. Place a small dot of glue right in the middle on the base of a petal.
  2. Pinch petal together and hold for a second or two.
  3. Turn petal over and find the little wedge you just made.
  4. Without cutting it all the way off trim the excess wedge.
  5. Do this with all your petals except the 4 big ones.

Forming a felt rose

Adding Character to your Petals

Roses have little curls in the tops of their dainty petals…lets give ours the same!  There are two ways and I will do about half and half to my petals.

A. On your petals with a little bump on the top, place a small dot of glue and fold it over toward the back.

B. On the flat topped petals, place a fine line of glue across the top.  Being gentle, roll the edge down and just hold in place for a few seconds waiting for the glue to set.  If you have a petal with a dip you can do this technique to one side or both sides.

When you’re done you will have a pretty pile of rose petals!


Making a felt flower rose

Making your Rose

Pieces Suggested - 1 small petal, 10 medium petals, 4 large petals

  1. Take a small petal, fold into a tube and glue.
  2. Grab a petal, place a line of glue across the base and curl it around the center.
  3. Repeat on the other side.  You have created the first ring.

Forming a felt flower

4.  In the next ring, use 3 petals, in the ring after that use 5 petals evenly spaced.

 how to form a felt flower rose

5. The outside ring will only have the 4 big petals.  Instead of using the pinch method from earlier, you will make 2 snips in the bottom and glue them together in a little stack.  This makes a deeper cup shape that will allow them to get around your beautiful flower.  Glue the last four petals onto your flower and this part is finished


Adding green leaves to felt flowers

Adding the Greens

Pieces Needed - 6 leaves, 1 five pointed leaf

  1. If you didn’t start your rose on a stem (as explained below with the rose bud) insert the thicker floral wire through the center and secure with a bit of glue. There should be a small hole through the center but if it got covered up just use your snips to poke a hole through the glued petals.
  2. Cut out the 5 pointed leave and snip a small hole in the center. Put the wire through the center.
  3. Add glue to the base and secure the the underside of the rose.
  4. Cut out 6 leaves and add three snips into each side.
  5. Place a line of glue onto the end of the floral wire and place onto the top leaf.
  6. Add a line of glue to one edge of the second leaf.  Make a sandwich with that leaf, the wire and the third leaf.
  7. Repeat for the second leaf branch.

8.  Using floral tape wrap one leaf branch onto the main stem and voila! You have made an amazing realistic rose from scraps!


Make a felt rosebud

Make a Rose Bud

Make a Rose Bud

Pieces Needed: 1 small petal, 3 medium, 1 four pointed leaf

I always have extra petals left over so why not make a pretty little rose bud?

  1. Place a thin glue line down the edge of a small petal.  Place the stem wire in the glue and wrap the petal around  and secure.
  2. Glue three petals around the center.
  3. Cut a 4 pointed green leaf bottom, poke a hole in the center and secure to the base of your rose bud.
  4. Use floral tape and secure the second leaf branch to the rose but stem.
  5. All done!


These little flowers are my favorite to create.  They look beautiful, are easy to learn, can be given realistic flair with a few simple techniques and best of all, use up my growing scrap pile!

Felt Rose Bouquet

Color Tips

Try using complementary colors in the same flower, like Butter and Ecru, Peony and Pink, Red and Crimson, or Linen and Oats…the colors options are so plentiful, just like a rose garden.

As the holidays are coming up experiment with making orange and black roses for Halloween or make a “Black and White” version using only the greys, white and black!

Felt Rose Bouquet  

Alicia Burstein is a long time maker, mom, wife, nurse and lover of all crafty things.  Her little company Spicy Sweet Pea produces sweet headbands, handmade toys, wall hangings, and fun clothes for our little ones.  Visit her Etsy shop SpicySweetPea.etsy.com for great items for the littles (and even you!) or message her directly for flowers arrangements, commissions, personalizations of current listings, or just to have a crafty chat!

Please follow her @thespicysweetpea and @deann52 on Instagram for specials, sneak peeks, crafty tips and updates.


Felt Cactus DIY

Posted by Renae Bradley on 16 August, 2016 16 comments

Felt Cactus DIY

Our favorite desert darling — the cactus! Craft your own prickly plants with our handy diy below! 

felt cactus supplies and tools

Grab your materials:

Cactus Pattern 
Wool Felt -Our Cactus Palette is perfect! 
Felt Poms in an assortment of sizes -we like the colors Brown and Stone
Fabric Paint
Terra Cotta Pots, we used one with about a 4" rim
Hot Glue Gun
Stick Pins
Sewing Machine (not shown)

cactus pattern

Print out the pattern (or freehand your own design) on basic copy paper and cut out the cactus you want to use first. Grab a 6x9" sheet of felt, fold in half and pin paper pattern in place. 

cactus tutorial craft

(1.) This is where you'll take out your sewing machine and sew right on the paper pinned felt -it's so easy! We love this method for tracing and sewing patterns, just make sure to leave the bottom open for stuffing! (2.) To remove the paper just gently tear the paper away from the felt. (3.) Grab a sharp scissors and trim about 1/4" inch around the stitched line. (4.) Finally -grab some fabric paint and stipple dots over the cactus. We used a sheet of paper to help us make even lines. Let dry over night and repeat on opposite side. And just a shout out to this fabric paint -we tried several different kinds of paint and found we loved the flow and puffiness of this paint the best! 

cactus fabric and paint

Keep a steady hand and you'll have a whole prickly forest soon!

how to make a fabric cactus

Gently fill your cactus with polyfil. 

succulents and cactus felt craft

Heat up that hot glue gun annd stuff the bottom of your pot with a little polyfil. Then do a little bit of mix & matching to find the best prickly pairs (did you get that pun?!) and hot glue the bases together for a bit more stability. Strategically glue poms in place around the cactus and base of the pot. You're almost done!

cactus succulent felt craft

Grab the pattern to cut out the accent flowers. I used about 5-7 flowers per pot placing them on the tip of the cactus or accents in the felt rocks. Our fine tipped glue gun is perfect for detailed work like this! 

Felt Cactus DIY

Enjoy your new desert darling!

Succulent Cactus Felt Tutorial



Felt Wildflower Tutorial

Posted by Renae Bradley on 29 July, 2016 6 comments

Handmade Felt Flowers
Felt Flower Bouquet by Benzie
I definitely have a favorite felt craft -and I bet you can guess! Flowers are always beautiful and I love being able to use all the colors of Benzie's rainbow! These remind me of wildflowers -pretty, bright and whimsical -you'll be crafting up a whole bouquet in no time!

We made these flowers use our favorite oval felt-fetti in both small and large size -there are so many things you can make with this basic shape! Another alternative is cutting ovals out of felt using our favorite scissors and freezer paper. Either method you select will work great! We used the felt colors Fern, Foxglove, Guava and Periwinkle.

Felt Flower DIY

Some additional supplies you will need are:

Benzie PomPoms in Foxglove, Lemonade and Fern, 1.5cm & 2.5cm size
Wire Flower Stems
Hot Glue

Easy Felt Flowers

Once you have a pile a ovals in both large and small sizes and a warmed up hot glue gun you are ready to roll!

To make filler stems and leaves on flowers you will use the large oval die -place a dot of glue on the bottom of the oval and pinch around the floral wire. Space to your liking. 

These little flowers remind me of Cosmos -I love all the colors! We use our small 1cm felt balls and attach to floral wire with a little hot glue (you may want use a needle or an awl to pre-pierce a hole). We use 4 small ovals -place a bit of glue on the bottom and pinch along the base of the felt pom. 

Our large flowers used 12 large ovals total -but this can be varied to adjust the look and style of your bloom. The first layer uses 4 ovals -we pre-pinched each petal before attaching to the base. This helped form the flower.

To finish the flower keep adding ovals around the pom-pom -add a green leaf or two to finish it off!

Felt Flower DIY

Felt Succulent DIY

Posted by Renae Bradley on 12 April, 2016 8 comments

DIY Felt Succulents

We all love succulents, thick petaled plants -smooth, symmetrical and in a beautiful array of greens and blues -natures bouquet. These little beauties also translate well into felt -and these will fare well in all types of weather too!

Succulent Centerpiece 

Succulent Supplies

To make quick work of these we suggest using our precut ovals -or felt-fetti as we like to call them! You'll want to have both the large and small sizes.You can also freehand cut circles or trace them using freezer paper. Regardless -you'll want a big pile of ovals to work with! 

Succulent Felt Supplies

The materials we used:

Felt! Sweet Succulent palette or go for our Felt-fetti.
Felt Pom Poms, we used a variety of our sizes in the color Stone.
Moss accents
Hot Glue Gun
Item to decorate, we used birch tree stumps. 

 How to make a felt succulent

To make the succulent center take one small oval -fold in half twice and use just a bit of glue to secure. Then take 3 ovals -fold in half and form around succulent center. Continue attaching ovals on the underside of the plant to form your succulent. You can make them large or small by selected fewer or more ovals to attach.

Felt Succulent Flower Centerpiece

To make the centerpiece I used 3 various sizes of birch logs -glued on some moss -arranged the succulents and placed felt pom poms to resemble pebbles that succulents often grown in. I also scattered a few around the base of the centerpiece. A great focal point for your table -or how about try a felt terrarium or decorate grapevine wreath? Let me know what you make!