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Simple Spiders + Black Bats, a Halloween DIY

Posted by Renae Bradley on 14 October, 2019 90 comments

Halloween crafts

Sometimes quick projects are just the best, right? These spooky spiders and adorable bats are made with a felt pom-and just may give you a chance to try something new too! 

halloween tools and supplies

Pictured above are all the supplies needed to make both the bat and the spider! 

felt ball spiders

Spooky Spider supplies:

Large graphite Poms
Black 18 gauge wire 
Wire cutters 
White and black roving 
Needle felting needle
Hot glue gun

1. Using wire cutters, snip 8 equal 1 1/2” lengths of black wire. Bend them to form the leg into the foot, as pictured. Using the awl, poke 4 holes on each side of the graphite pom. Using the tiniest dab of hot glue on the end of the wire, push a leg in to each of the holes.

2. For the face, take a tiny wisp of white roving and roll it like a ball in your hand. Place it on the face of the spider and needle felt both whites on for eyes. Using the same technique add a tiny black pupil to complete the eye. Next take a wisp of black and roll it like a snake in your hands. Now needle felt that on into the shape of a smile for your spider. 

 felt ball bat

Bat Supplies:
Large graphite Poms 
Graphite Felt
Black iron-on glitter or glitter felt 
White and black roving 
Hot glue gun
Bat wing pattern (free downloadable PDF!) 

1. Using the pattern, trace the bat wing shape on the Black glitter felt. 

2. Using hot glue, place the wings in the center of the large pom. Next pinch the bat wing near the body and add a dab of glue to keep it pinched and slightly wrapped forward on each side. Alternatively, cut out 2 separate bat wings and cut a small slit in the side of the Pom. Then insert the wings into the sides of the Pom with some hot glue along the edge to secure it in the hole.

3. For the face, take a tiny wisp of white roving and roll it like a ball in your hand. Place it on the face of the bat and needle felt both whites on for eyes. Using the same technique add a tiny black pupil to complete the eye. Next take a wisp of black and roll it like a snake in your hands. Now needle felt that on, making triangular points on each side for fangs and a mouth.

4. Next, make the ears. Cut out two small ear shapes with Graphite felt. Along the flat base add a tiny spot of hot glue and pinch it together to form a cupped shape. Next add some hot glue to the bottom of the ear and adhere it to the top of the bat's head. 

spider and bat craft

Place these spooky spiders and adorable bats anywhere you could use a little festive Halloween decor! Happy Halloween from Benzie!

Merry Berry Christmas Garland DIY

Posted by Renae Bradley on 13 November, 2018 1 comment

felt ball christmas garland diy

Felt ball garlands are so easy to make -and a great way to add cheer to any holiday! In this specific garland we mix in some berry sprigs and wood beads (20mm) to make a festive christmas garland. 

Felt Berry Sprig

Let's get started on the cranberry sprigs -first grab your supplies:
-Wool felt in Evergreen, Meadow and Pistachio (also available in Benzie's Cranberry Felt Palette). 
-Felt ball berries in Cranberry, Foxglove, and Peony. We used a mix of extra small and medium size. Also available in our Cranberry Pom Palette
-20 gauge wire and wire cutters
-florist tape
-hot glue
-brown roving and felting needle (optional)
-leaf pattern, pdf or svg

how to make a felt berry hairclip

Step 1. Cut out leaves out of your favorite green felt from Benzie, it's super easy to freehand cut the leaves (use my favorite scissors!) or use our pdf or svg files as a guide.
Step 2. Cut wire to about 4" long.
Step 3. Using a glue gun to attach greenery on each end of the wire. To make the leaves more realistic I placed a small bit of glue on the top center of the leaf, pinch until cooled and trimmed the point with a scissors. 
Step 4. Fold wire in half and twist into place. 
Step 5. Cover wire with florist tape. 
Step 6. Make the berries! To make them more realistic we needle felted a little bit of brown roving into the tops. Read this if you are new to needle felting. 
Step 7. Hot glue berries in place. 

how to string a felt ball garland

Once you have the berry sprigs made you can start stringing your garland. Basic items to make a felt ball garland are poms, floss + needle kit. Our favorite needle is a basic darning needle -it's perfect in every way for garland making! Once you string your needle -just slide it right through the poms. Some poms are little more felted and you may need to use a bit more force but most just glide through the needle! I've left some tips below on how we like to start and finish our garlands. 

how to make a felt ball garland

How to start and finish your garland:
1. Take a strand of floss the length of what you would like your finished garland to be. Fold last two inches or so of floss over and tie in knot like shown in the photo. String with felt poms. 
2. Using an awl, pierce the pom where the string comes out, making a dimple in the felt pom.
3. Pull knot down into the dimple. 
4. Trim tail. 

 felt ball garlands

Here is an example of the Cranberry Felt Pom palette used two different ways -one using just our medium sized poms and the second mixed with wood beads (20mm) and berry sprigs. 

berry sprig garland

 Happy Holidays from Team Benzie! 

Ugly Sweater Ornament DIY

Posted by Renae Bradley on 09 November, 2018 0 comments

ugly sweater ornament diy

We collaborated with Neat & Tangled and designed the perfect die for holiday crafting -the ugly sweater! Embellish and decorate with all our favorite holiday things! 

winter mint felt palette

Grab all your supplies! We used a variety of wool felt + floss colors from Benzie's Winter Mint palette, bits of glitter and metallic felt, Beads and sequins, Embroidery Floss and tacky glue. Most importantly -you'll need our Sweater Die

ugly sweater die cut

If you are new to die cutting or stitching skip down the the bottom of the page -we have included some helpful links to get you started! The first step is to cut out all your shapes -it's fun selecting your favorite 'ugly' accents! To make the wreath sweater we cut out one sweater with stitch marks and one without, a wreath shape, two cuffs, one bow, one sweater hem and one sweater collar. 

ugly sweater ornament how to

Place the embellishments on the sweater and stitch them in place using 4 strands of embroidery floss. You can be creative in how you stitch the pieces on, here we stitched zigzags and crosses. I would love to see a sweater just using straight stitches to emulate cuffs of a shirt too! The pieces are little so if you are having problems just use a touch of tacky glue to hold in place. Add glitter felt, beads and sequins to make it even more ugly! To finish it off, lightly tacky glue the back of the sweater on -this will hide all your stitches!

stuffed sweater ornament

We stuffed this ornament by using two strands of floss and polyfil. Follow this tutorial to use a paperclip to make a hanger! You'll find this tool handy! 

ugly sweater ornaments

ugly sweater craft

Here is a few of our favorite blog posts for the beginner crafter and stitcher! Let us know if you have any questions at all! 
Introduction to die cutting.
Beginner embroidery for stitch dies.
Stitching with beads + sequins. 

Snowflake Ornaments using Stitched Dies

Posted by Renae Bradley on 09 November, 2018 0 comments

felt snowflake ornament diy

We collaborated with Neat & Tangled and designed a stitchable Snowflake die with the capabilities to be simple or elaborate -using any combination of the 4 shapes included in the die! In our specific design we added a bit of our metallic felt + sequins to make a beautiful decoration for your tree, a gift topper or even a special gift. The added shimmer from the metallics and sequins makes them sparkle like snow! 

supplies for christmas ornaments

Grab your supplies:

-Snowflake Die
-Benzie's wool felt colors Silver, Icicle, Blush and Aqua
-Metallic felt in Silver and Blush
-Sequins in Silver and Beads in Silver Iridescent
-Divisible Embroidery Floss in Parchment and Blush
-Beading Needle
-Metallic floss (for ornament hanger), we used Silver
-Tacky glue

die cutting ornaments

If you are new to die cutting, read up on this post. All of Benzie's Neat & Tangled dies are wafer thin dies and will need a platform to cut on. Concerning cutting, some find it helpful to run the dies through your cutter one extra time to get a clean edge -other then that they will cut just like paper (even the metallic felt)! Start cutting out snowflakes and play around with the layers! 

snowflake ornaments

Here is an example of how we layered one of the snowflakes. The best part of the die is that all the stitch holes are designed to be interchangeable with each other -so layer and twist however you wish and it will still line up to make a beautiful ornament!

Once you have found how you want to layer your snowflake -thread your needle. We used 3 strands of floss for most of our snowflakes. We added beads and sequins last with one strand of floss. Don't forget you will need a beading needle for this! Read up more on stitching with beads + sequins here! To finish the ornament off, we lightly tacky glued a second snowflake to the back and including a metallic floss hanger. This hides our stitching mess too! 

snowflake ornaments to make

We love the different varieties that we were able to make with just 4 colors of felt -the additional two shades of metallic just make it shine! All were stitched with just one color of Parchment DMC floss

embroidery snowflake ornament

Here is a more simple snowflake that highlights the embroidery -adding some sequins makes it so delicate and pretty! We used 4 strands of DMC floss in Blush for the embroidery and just one strand to stitch on the beads and sequins. 

snowflake christmas ornaments

handstitched snowflakes

Have a happy winter! 

Nativity Banner

Posted by Renae Bradley on 12 December, 2017 1 comment

nativity banner

When I saw Mollie Johanson's (from Wild Olive) Nativity ornament and playset -I knew I wanted to adapt it to work in a classroom full of kids (and pretty enough that mom's would want to keep forever!). This banner is a great way to celebrate Jesus's birth and a reminder you can keep up all year long! 

supplies for christmas craft

Supplies needed:

Felt nativity kids craft

The quickest way to cut out the shapes is to print out the pattern on paper, pin to your felt and cut out the shapes. Another fun and easy way to trace patterns is to use freezer paper -we talk more about that here! I made a couple dozen of these for a classroom craft -you may want to use your electronic die cutter for that and have included a csv file

Nativity craft for kids

After all the pieces are cut out your littles can get to gluing all the pieces on! Place two little dots in for the eyes using a thin tip permanent marker. Slide the dowel though the slits in the banner and add some string for hanging! Celebrate the Jesus's birth!

Felt Nativity Banner

nativity crafts

Felt Boxwood Wreath

Posted by Renae Bradley on 16 November, 2017 1 comment

Felt Boxwood wreath diy

Everyone loves the classic look of boxwood wreaths for the holidays so we interpreted the full and fresh green leaves into a simple and slender felt leaf wreath design -one that won't die out! 

Supplies needed:
--Your favorite green felt from Benzie. We used Moss -but Meadow or Zucchini would look great too! But if you don't want to cut out all those ovals by hand we suggest our Oval shaped felt-fetti
--Embroidery hoops, we used 6", 7" and 8" size
--Ribbon, we used 1 1/2" wide linen like ribbon
--Glue gun, other glues work too but we like how fast this glue dries.

Felt Boxwood Wreath


1. This wreath is includes about 100 small felt ovals -if you are using felt-fetti we suggest one bag of small ovals or two bags of large ovals per wreath. If you are using felt about one to two 12x18" sheets of felt will work per wreath. 

2. Heat up your glue gun and add a dot of glue to the base of your oval and pinch together. This makes your leaf.

3.The wreath is composed of two rows of leaves, use the inner and outer circle of the embroidery hoop as your guide. One leaf is placed slightly in front of the previous leaf. Each row is staggered. After you're done with the two basic rows -fill in any bald spots with extra leaves. This gives the wreath more of a natural and irregular look.

felt christmas wreath


4. Finish off with some festive ribbon! Our oval fetti shapes is one of my favorites. We used it to make our succulents too! It's perfect for forming leaves and petals -don't forget that ovals are super easy to hand cut too and a great way to use up every little bit of felt! Merry Christmas!

directions for felt greenery

Magnolia Holiday Wreath

Posted by Renae Bradley on 16 November, 2016 5 comments

Felt Magnolia Wreath

Get holiday ready. Deck your wall and warm your heart with our DIY Merry Magnolia Wreath (as seen in Better Homes & Garden's Make it Yourself magazine!). At Benzie, we love it in Moss colored felt trimmed with our white handmade poms but Benzie's Meadow felt with accents of Zucchini would give it the true Magnolia wreath feel. A no-glue and no-sew project too! Grab your supplies below.

Supplies for felt wreath

Supplies needed:
12-14" foam wreath base 
Stick pins
1 1/2 yards of wool blend felt or 12 bags of leaf felt-fetti 
1.5cm or 2cm felt balls, 25 in white

how to make a felt wreath
First, grab your stack of felt leaves (skip the scissors and use our precut shapes) or cut your own almond shaped leaves out of yardage. Our large leaves are about 3 1/2 x 2 inches wide and our small leaves are about 2 1/2 x 1 1/4" inches wide. To give the wreath a full appearance we folded the tip of each leaf over each other and use the stick pin to attach to the styrofoam wreath. 

Felt Greenery How ToContinue to place the leaves row by row -pinning each leaf about 1/2" to 1" apart from each other. You will only pin leaves to the front and sides of the wreath. The back side will remain unfinished. 

Craft a wreath from felt.

Continue until the wreath is completed. Use leftover leaves to fill in empty spaces. 


Mistletoe Wreath from FeltLastly, grab the felt poms and stick the pin through the edge of the pom and carefully pin to the wreath hiding the pin in the back side of the pom. A beautiful full wreath to decorate! Go all out and add some magnolia flowers to it -get the diy!

Watch our instruction video!

Felt DIY Greenery Wreath

 Add any felt shapes to make it your own! Using pins allows you to update and switch things up any time you please! Happy Holidays!

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