Calvin Cat Kit

$ 37.00
Stitch Calvin Cat for yourself, make him a friend, or share the gift of stitching with someone special! He makes a wonderful gift, toy, and delightful holiday ornament!

Simply cut out the pattern and fabric inside, then stitch your kit together following step-by-step instructions and illustrations. This kit includes all the basic materials needed to create Calvin Cat, and his fish.

Wool felt, wool stuffing, cotton pipe cleaners, hardware for overalls, black sew-in eyes, Glass beads for fish eyes, embroidery needle, Long darning needle, embroidery thread to match, directions, illustrations, and pattern.

Tools to gather from home:
Small sharp scissors & a bamboo skewer for stuffing.

Optional materials: You most likely have these at home too!

* Craft glue (for attaching the inner ear - you can also sew this)
* A small twig, long toothpick, or bamboo skewer for a fishing rod
* A candle or tea light to wax the whiskers
* A fine point, permanent felt tip pen (eyeliner and fur markings)

By Threadfollower.

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Becky K.

Adorable and great packaging. Want them all