Embroidery & Sewing Needles

$ 2.00

Selecting the best needle can be tricky! Always make sure to have the right needle for the craft you are doing, our four favorite needles are listed below:

Embroidery 1/5 - Our favorite all purpose needle for stitching up felt -the point is sharp and glides through felt! Includes 12 needles.

Embroidery 5/10 - The smaller eye is a necessity when stitching accents such as seed beads and sequins. Includes 16 needles.  

Chenille - This is a great needle to get kids started with felt sewing crafts -the thicker base and larger eye make it easier to hold and thread! Includes 6 needles.

Tapestry 24 - The blunt tip makes it perfect for needlework and cross stitch. Includes 6 needles.

Tapestry 16 - The eye is just right for yarn work such as the long stitch and bargello and the blunt tip keeps your fingers safe. Includes 6 needles. 

Darners - We've tried every needle and this is it for stringing poms together! The length and width of the needle make it a breeze! Includes 6 needles.

Beading - For use with seed beads and nymo or nylon bead string as the eye is very narrow. Includes 6 needles. 

All needles are made of premium grade nickel plated steel and have sharp points unless otherwise noted. Made by DMC.