Dandelion Wool Blend Felt

$ 0.60

Benzie's wool blend felt in Dandelion yellow. 

Select cut sheet or yardage -multiples of 1/2 yard cuts will yield one uncut sheet. Our bolts are approximately 36" wide and full bolts are priced at 10% off. Inventory on full bolts is limited, please contact us for availability. 

About our Felt:
Our felt is a blend of 20-35% wool with the rest rayon; approximately 1mm thick. Our wool is only from merino sheep, prized for their quality and softness and making Benzie's felt strong, resistant to pilling and colors vibrant. 

Customer Reviews

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We make dog themed projects for a dog rescue (Puppy Haven) and our logo dog is yellow.
We made him (PUP) up last time in LEMONADE and are now going to try him out in DANDELION.
It's VERY DIFFICULT to find true yellow felt colors - most are either to greenish or too golden-orangie.
Next year we plan to expand our PUP line to PUP & PALS.
We've been going through the color chart to decide on doggie colors for all of PUP's friends!
* * * *
We also make up decorative collars for the rescues and use all of our felt scraps for flowers and other die cut shapes.
(We try to do seasonal themes.) We do use an adhesive backing (Fuse 'N Bond) before die cutting - they all cut great!

The best felt!

Joann's/Kunin felt - rough, thin spots, frays and pills easily, doesn't cut as well (using the Cricut Maker).
Hobby Lobby felt - WAS good (for all acrylic), but they replaced it with Kunin felt.
Benzie Felt - THE BEST! It's smooth, even thickness, durable, cuts beautifully, and of course, *all* the colors! Absolutely worth the slightly higher cost. I've purchased Benzie 4-5 times now, and will most definitely continue to buy from them!


Great color