Constellation Animals Felt Pattern

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Stitch up your own starry night sky with these celestial felt animals inspired by constellations. Try using Glow-in-the-Dark floss to make those stars really shine!

Make all of the cosmic creatures pictured, Canis the dog, Cetus the whale, Taurus the Bull, Serpens the Snake, Felis the Cat, the Owl Cluster from constellation Casseopeia, Ursa Major (big bear/dipper), and Ursa Minor (little bear/dipper.) Each one is around 2-4 inches.

Benzie makes ordering the high-quality felt for this pattern a breeze! Complete with all the felt and embroidery floss you'll need. Choose supply options from the dropdown menu above.

About Little Dear

Aimee Ray has been an artist all her life. She is always working on something new and loves sharing her creations! Aimee is the designer behind ‘little dear,’ creating all kinds of felt sewing and hand embroidery patterns. She is also the author of the ‘Doodle Stitching’ series of hand embroidery books. You can see more of her work, and find lots of free embroidery and felt sewing tutorials at

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    Stary Whales

    Wanted to make the whale for a friend and did a test run with what I had. Patterns are lovely, using tissue paper for transfer a great idea. Had to go online for instructions on how to do the eyes. But loving the result, even with all the little mistakes that a test run brings …