Cyan Wool Blend Felt, Benzie Reserve Color

$ 1.25

Benzie's wool blend felt in Cyan. This is a Benzie Reserve color, a special treat that you will not find in our swatch charts. Select cut sheet or yardage-multiples of 1/2 yard cuts will yield one uncut sheet. Our bolts are approximately 36" wide. Full bolts are 40% off the retail price of cut sheets. Inventory on full bolts is limited, please contact us for availability.

About our Felt

Our felt is a blend of 20-35% wool with the rest rayon; approximately 1mm thick. Our wool is only from merino sheep, prized for their quality and softness and making Benzie's felt strong, resistant to pilling, and colors vibrant.

Customer Reviews

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Robert Johnson
Cyan Rayon wool blend felt.

Until otherwise stated this comment is about the felt generally, and not any specific color. I bought a great many sheets of the wool rayon blend felt, both to see the colors and have enough to see how it will block and otherwise behave. Honestly when I held the felt up to the light, I could see in many of the color’s thin spots. great care needs to be taken as well when stitching near the edges, as stitched too close to each other will become one hole. It benefits from a good strong stem ironing both before and after stitching. It tightens up a good deal and shrinks a bit, so be sure to steam it well before cutting. It blocks very well. Rayon shrinks more than wool with steam so you do want to take that into consideration when blocking. Every color I checked was color fast. As for the Cyan specifically. I found this color to be an ideal turquoise color (the turquoise color ironically I found nothing like turquoise blue) The finish was not as fine as that of some other colors and I did notice at final examination under high power magnification that the fibers had loosened more than the other colors. the spread from stitching was least noticeable, likely due to the loosening of fibers. I did not have even a single instance with this color of two holes becoming one. my stitches were 1.5mm apart. It blocked better than many of the other colors.

Beatrice Markiz
Love it

Best felt I’ve ever use for my crafts. The color is so vibrant and thinks is perfect. Definitely will get more

LaReta Johnson

I ordered Cyan blue for a second time. Love this color!

Merrietta Goodyear

Beautiful color!

Linda Peterson
A hit!

Once again a great hit! Great color