Freezer Paper

$ 18.00

The easiest way to transfer a pattern onto felt! Trace or print (yes, it's printable!) your design right on to the matte side of this household staple. Then, lightly iron the waxy side down to adhere to Benzie's felt (read more in our tutorial on how to cut felt!). Use a scissor to cut out your pattern and peel off the freezer paper. You will receive 30 printable 8 1/2" x 11" reusable sheets.

Customer Reviews

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Perfect size for my printer, but it just won't iron on. I don't know if I'm doing it wrong or what. I'm might not be using it hot enough I'm not going above the rayon setting because of my mixed blend felt. Other then that ok I guess.

Freezer paper has a front and back to it. The front side has a matte finish (the side you will want to print on) and the back side is more waxy. You'll want to make sure the waxy side is facing the felt in order to adhere. You don't need super high heat either -it will bond instantly! Check out this blog post for more info too -I know you will figure it out!

Brittany Bennett
Awesome Paper

This really helped with cutting out my felt book patterns. I used with my Inkjet printer and ironed on to my felt. Will use/buy again.

Sesame Cafe
A lifesaver!!!

I could not afford a cricut machine and this freezer paper solved my crafting needs! I had a hard time free handing/cutting little felt hearts and this paper is a huge lifesaver! You can use this on any printer and iron your template onto the felt! Voila! No messy edges! THIS IS A MUST BUY FOR YOUR CRAFTING NEEDS! :)

Sylvia Lunt
Awesome product

Great size, used in the printer to transfer the pattern. Perfect for cutting out felt patterns.

Cheri Damare

Haven’t use it yet but do love it being individual sheets