Scrap Bag Grab Bags

$ 7.50

An entire 8oz bag of Benzie felt remnants in a variety of colors and sizes -priced over 50% off! Our scrap felt comes from bolt ends, felt-fetti happiness, and surprises from our personal crafting adventures. These photos are an example of our scrap bags -each bundle is different and a great way to use Benzie's merino wool felt at a fabulous discount!

{ About Benzie's felt }
Wool felt is one of the most versatile and beautiful fabrics to create with, a blend of 20-35% merino wool with the remainder viscose make it resistant to pilling and pulling, easy to cut, affordable -all working together to provide maximum craft-ability. Benzie's felt is approximately 1mm thick. Our carefully curated rainbow includes a wide variety of brilliant and pure colors and is available in cut sheets and yardage. We are honored to be the largest supplier of wool blend felt on Etsy for over five years.

About our Felt:
Our felt is a blend of 20-35% wool with the rest rayon; approximately 1mm thick. Our wool is only from merino sheep, prized for their quality and softness and making Benzie's felt strong, resistant to pilling and colors vibrant.