Tulip Needles

$ 10.00

Tulip brand needles are rooted in Hiroshima, Japan where traditional needle-making techniques go back more than 300 years. Tulip's premium needles feature a moderately flexible body that is hard to break, a smooth needle gold plated eye for easy threading + a needle point that passes through smoothly. All come in a labeled, clear, cork topped tube.

Tapestry Needles 22/25 -perfect for cross stitching and finishing work. Includes 6 blunt-tipped needles. Assortment includes 2 each of sizes 22 and 23 and 1 each of sizes 24 and 25.

Tapestry Needles 18 - ideal for yarn work such as bargello. Work well with tapestry wool. Blunt tip keeps your fingers safe, includes 6 needles.

Thin Embroidery - glide through felt handwork, the smallest sizes are perfect for sliding through seed beads too! Includes eight sharp-tipped needles in sizes 7, 8, 9 and 10.

Thick Embroidery - also perfect for hand embroidery and include 2 each of sizes 3, 4, 5 and 6.

Chenille Needles - include a large eyes and a sharp point. Due to their large eyes some prefer using these needles to embroidery needles. Ideal for ribbon embroidery and crewel work.

Customer Reviews

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Favorite needles

Sharp and durable. Easy to hold.

Amanda Ondretti
So sharpe

So happy with these. Will be getting the other sizes.

Linda Rufi
Great Tool

Love that there are several needles and different sizes. Feels very nice between my fingers. Can't wait to use them on my next project.

Pattie Oestreich
Embroidery needles

What a difference good needles make when sewing. Easy to handle and smooth.