White Gel Pen

$ 1.75

This white pen transfers embroidery patterns seamlessly onto dark cotton fabrics. We love the tactile rubber grip and it's smooth flowing pigmented ink that is smudge-resistant, lightfast, acid-free, non-toxic and archival. By Uchida.

Customer Reviews

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Great for marking dark felt

This was part of my first order from Benzie and I wasn't sure this pen would work as described. It does! I was able to trace my pattern on both black and red felt. The gel ink does come off on your fingers when wet, so you have to be a little careful when tracing and handling the felt while cutting. It washes off your hands easily, though, and I was still able to see my tracings well enough to cut out my design precisely. I traced my pattern backwards on the back of the fabric to avoid seeing the markings on the front of my finished piece. Highly recommend.

Gay Ferland
Perfect For Marking

The pen is perfect for me marking on the inside of my felt. I can finally see where I'm cutting!! Great price!! I'll be buying more because I'll be using this pen for my rubber stamping also on dark cardstock!!! Love it!!! ❤️

Sarah G
Perfect Pen

The white gel pen works great on dark fabric and felt! Essential for every crafter and sewist.