Wood Beads

$ 4.25
Wood beads, large + small. So fun to string together and makes a crafty partner for our felt balls. The main photo shows our smallest felt pom in the 1cm size. Unfinished wood beads, sold by weight.

*8mm beads, approximately 100 beads or 16 grams
*12mm beads, approximately 60 beads or 40 grams
*20mm beads (can vary between 19-20mm in size), approximately 40 beads or 90 grams. These are similar in size to our small size poms
*25mm beads, approximately 17 beads or 85 grams

Customer Reviews

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Holly Faust
Beautiful beads...

They are all uniform in size and structure. I will find other uses besides using them for the Biscornu I'll be making. The wood is smooth and holes are perfect. There are a lot in the beautifully wrapped package I can reuse! Love them❣️

Good quality

Smooth and nicely rounded. No wonky beads!

Susan O'Connor
Wooden beads

They look and feel great, can't wait to get started on my Santa and Elves

joyce gammon

they are not really 2.0. the are a tad smaller. the ones that came in my Santa /elf kit were larger.......when you get the larger ones in let me know. i'm now having to make due with the smaller ones. thanks Joyce gammon

Thanks for sharing your eagle eyes Joyce! The 20mm beads can measure from 19mm to 20mm, we have updated our description to account for the possible size variance!


Loved the customer support when ordering my items at Benzie Design. Beads were perfect for my project and love the way everything is packaged. Thanks!