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Birthday Countdown Calendar with The Sugar House Shop


felt ice cream

Have something BIG to celebrate? It doesn't even need to be a birthday -but how about the start of summer break? Or a vacation? Make the day even more exciting by counting down! Everyone loves a celebration! We prettied-up this calendar by The Sugar House Shop and we'll teach you how to do it too! 

felt birthday decorations

First, purchase the pattern for the 'Cherry on Top' calendar. All the instructions, patterns and basic supplies you will need will be explained in the downloadable pattern. This tutorial will show you some tips we learned along the way -and share our biggest change! 

Sweet Color Palette

Our biggest change to The Sugar House Cherry on Top calendar was in the colors we chose -we went totally candy colored! Here are the supplies you will need, all supplies are available at www.benziedesign.com: 

1 1/2 yards of Lilac Felt

Sprinkles felt palette

Sprinkles floss palette

30 Medium felt poms in the colors: Magenta, Lemonade, Blush, Lavender and Aqua

Countdown Felt-fetti in Pink

Lilac colored sewing thread

countdown calendar

We first got our backdrop banner ready using the fun felt color Lilac. Another big change we made to the pattern is instead of stitching the numbers we used premade felt numbers similar to our Countdown Felt-fetti and attached them with tacky glue. You just need the smallest dab per number -use a q-tip to manage flow! 

felt ice cream celebration

After the numbers have been applied and sewn on (we used matching Lilac colored thread to do this). Start cutting out your ice-cream (we used our freezer paper method).

felt ice cream

Then stitch on each ice cream scoop. I love this part! 

felt stitch crafts

We followed Sugar Houses method of prepping the magnets for the 'pom sprinkles'. You'll definitely want to use a micro-tip scissors for this! One change we made is to the size of 'sprinkles' -we used Medium sized poms instead of Large. 
 birthday countdown calendar

Finish up by ironing out all the wrinkles! Here is a tip -always iron on the backside of the banner, if your iron malfunctions it won't ruin your beautiful work! 

countdown calendar craft

Interested in more countdown calendars? Visit our Sugar House Shop here!