MmmCrafts Twelve Days Ornaments / Color Guide by Benzie

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12 days ornaments craft

The Twelve Days Ornament Series by designer Larissa Holland of MmmCrafts is inspired by the traditional holiday carol. We adore stitching these thoughtfully designed christmas ornaments (you can grab the pattern from MmmCrafts Etsy shop!) -but made the color selection process even easier! We selected hues that evoke the original color palette design by MmmCrafts and simplified it to just 10 colors. You can create all 15 ornaments with our 12x18" felt bundle! In this color guide we will share what felt and floss colors we used for each of the ornaments. The pattern and instructions for the ornaments are found at

felt christmas ornaments

To make these ornaments you will first need the pattern. Head over to MmmCrafts Etsy shop to grab the digital pattern. All supplies, instructions and materials are carefully lined out in the pattern. All supplies can be purchased at

Additional supplies: 
-Twelve Days Palette of felt -the 12x18" size will be enough to make all 15 ornaments! The colors we used are Pink, Magenta, Burgundy, Mustard, Ochre, Moss, Midnight, Peacock, Swan and Icicle.
-Twelve Days Palette in floss -10 skeins is enough for all the ornaments 
-Metallic sequins in Teal 
-Seed beads in Teal
-Beading needle, we recommend this embroidery needle

french hen crafts

Each guide clearly lists ornament, felt colors and floss colors. You will also noticed that we replaced many of the french knots with either just beads or both beads and sequins. We only used one color (Teal!) for all the beads and sequins in each ornament. Read up on some helpful tips when stitching with beads and sequins here

12 days ornaments color help

Day 1: Partridge and Pear
This first set is made without sequins or beads -you can see what a difference a little sparkle makes! I suggest replacing the Pink and Mustard French Knots with Teal Beads + Sequins -don't forget to include the Partridge eye! 
Partridge felt: Pink, Magenta, Burgundy and Swan.
Partridge floss: Pink, Magenta, Burgundy, Swan, Peacock and Mustard. 
Pear felt: Pink, Burgundy and Swan. 
Pear floss: Pink, Burgundy, Swan, Magenta and Mustard.

Day 2: Turtle Dove
Felt: Mustard, Peacock and Swan.
Floss: Mustard, Peacock, Swan, Midnight and Icicle.

Day 3: French Hen
Felt: Pink, Magenta, Burgundy, Mustard and Peacock.
Floss: Pink Magenta, Burgundy and Mustard.

Day 4: Colly Bird
Felt: Moss, Mustard, Peacock and Midnight.
Floss: Moss, Mustard, Peacock, Midnight and Swan.

twelve days ornaments

Day 5: Golden Ring
Felt: Mustard, Ochre, Magenta and Pink.
Floss: Mustard, Ochre, Magenta, Pink, Peacock and Icicle.

Day 6: Goose a-Laying
Egg Felt: Burgundy and Peacock
Egg Floss: Burgundy, Peacock, Mustard and Icicle.
Goose Felt: Burgundy, Peacock, Swan and Mustard.
Goose Floss: Burgundy, Peacock, Swan, Mustard and Icicle.

Day 7: Swan a-Swimming 
Felt: Midnight, Peacock, Swan, Mustard and Ochre.
Floss: Midnight, Peacock, Swan, Mustard, Ochre and Icicle.

12 days of ornaments

Ornaments 8-12 are currently in progress - we are so excited to share them with you! Look for them early 2020! 


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  1. Teresa January 17, 2020

    Love these. I’ve bought your felt selection and stitch along and using this helpful guide for my first set. Thank you!

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  4. Joan Hathaway October 10, 2019

    I love the colors, bought your package of felt and floss and making them as shown.. if you have any of the rest made, could you post? I am on track to have them done for Christmas!

  5. Denette September 29, 2019

    These are beautiful! I can’t wait to see the rest of the ornaments! Hmmm…I don’t think I can get them done for this Christmas, but I’m definitely thinking about it for next year! Thanks for the beautiful inspiration and for adding another project to my to-do list!