Felt Florals

Boho Macrame Wall Hanging


boho macrame wreath

Easily create a whimsical, floral wall hanging that incorporates a beginner macrame knot called Lark's Head Knot and accented with a felt flower cluster.

macrame wall hanging

We used supples from www.benziedesign.com:

10" Gold Metal Ring
Macrame cord in Indigo, 5mm: Cut eighteen 28" lengths .
Flower Bouquet Felt-fetti, we used the colors Linen (2), Mulberry and Peony
Small poms in White and Midnight
Glue Gun
Greenery sprigs

Dreamcatcher wreath knot

Step 1: Take one piece of 28" rope and fold it in half. Put the folded end behind the gold ring.

Step 2: Pull the other two ends of the rope up toward the folded side of the rope.

Step 3: Insert the two ends of the rope over the ring and into the loop created by the fold.

Step 4: Pull both lengths of rope tight to form the Larks Head knot.

boho macrame tutorial

Repeat the Larks Head Knot using all 18 pieces of rope. When finished flip the whole ring over so that the loop part of the knot is in the front. This is the side that you will adhere the felt flowers and greenery to. 

Watch our video tutorial for the macrame portion of this project!

macrame and flowers

This design uses three different flowers from the Big Felt-Fetti Flower Bouquet.  Our felt-fetti bag included the colors linen (2), mulberry, and peony. To get full details on how to make the flowers shown here visit our diy!

dreamcatcher diy

For the large flower we used 3 small and 3 large petals and gently patted the petal with colored ink. Once the ink has dried use a glue gun to form the petals (see our blog post how to form the flower). Once you have created your flowers arrange the flowers on the hoop and hot glue into place.  Insert sprigs of greenery -or even felt accents - to finish it off. Enjoy your beautiful creation! 

Boho design crafted by Benzie Team Member Stephanie Barta.