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Sewing Sequins & Beads to Felt


sewing sequins beads to felt

Adding sequins and beads to a felt project makes it sparklier, prettier and envokes a vintage charm! This is our guide to the perfect technique for neatly sewn sequins and beads.

sequin felt hair clips

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best beading needle

Let's talk about the most important tool when working with beads and sequins -the needle. Finding the right needle for tiny beads can be tricky! It must be delicate enough to fit though a small seed bead and strong enough to stitch through felt. It must also be easy to thread! Our favorite option is by Tulip. The needles by Tulip have a great feel in the hand and the gold eye keeps the needle in great condition!

How to sew sequins

Sequins don't need a bead to stay in place but the thread will be visible, which can look messy or distracting on the final project. We prefer to top our sequins with a single bead. It adds dimension to the project and keeps things sparkling clean. To add a sequin and bead, thread a single strand of floss or thread and come up from behind the felt. Add a single sequin and then a bead. Bring the the needle back through the sequin center (skipping the bead opening) to secure. 

TIP: Thread your needle with a single strand of floss (or thread). Once threaded take the two ends together and knot. This knot will make it much easier to secure that first stitch and keep you from losing the thread! 

sequins and felt

I love the look of stacked sequins and beads but I may love accenting with individual beads even more! The beads look like a dusting of glitter.

Glitter star hair clips

To finish the star for a hair clip, whip stitch an identical, undecorated star to the back. Add a pinch of stuffing prior to stitching closed. Secure to a hair clip. 

felt star barrettes