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Cartoon Cat DIY

Move over, Garfield and Heathcliff. There's a new cartoon cat in town and he has attitude. Or she. It's up to you, because you can customize this cartoon cat to look just like your own! From Maker Team member Johnny of @thehoopkid we bring you a tutorial full of feline ferociousness and felt, of course. Follow Johnny's instructions but use your cat as a muse. Isn't that what cats are for?

Skill Level: Beginner
Time: 2 hours

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Additional Supplies:

Cartoon Cat Pattern  (click to download)
Cartoon Accessories Pattern  (click to download)
Felt, for Cat Fur and Eyes


Cartoon Accessory

1. Print Accessories Pattern above and cut out pattern pieces.

Cutting out accessory pattern pieces

2. Cut shapes from felt using templates. 

Shine - Cornflower felt
Handle - Cocoa felt
Handle Wrap - Umber felt
Blade - Ash felt
Pommel, Guard - Mikado felt

Body, Lips - Chagall felt
Head, Fin - Honeydew felt

Cutting accessories from felt

For larger pieces, pin template to felt while cutting. For smaller ones, simply hold template against felt.

3. For the Fish, glue pieces to body. For the Knife, glue pieces to felt background, allowing blade shine and handle wrap to hang over edge of blade and handle.

Gluing knife pieces for background

4. Use scissors to trim around knife edge. Be sure to trim overhang of blade shine and handle wrap.

Finished felt knife

Cartoon Cat

1. Print Cat Pattern above and cut out pattern pieces.

Cutting out cat pattern pieces

2. Sketch the color blocking of your cat on the head template and cut out.

Personalizing cat pattern

3. Use new template pieces to cut shapes from the corresponding color felt. For smaller pieces, consider stacking on top of background color (see side stripes below for example.)

Cutting pattern pieces from felt

4. Glue head felt pieces in center of large piece of background felt, at least 8 x 12".

Gluing face to background

5. Use pattern to cut out remaining features from the corresponding felt colors. Cut two for eyes, ears, eyebrows, eyeballs, and teeth.

Cutting out felt features

6. Take eye template and trim down to make eyelids the size and angle of your choosing. Leave off top or bottom lids to achieve different looks. Cut two sets from felt.

Making customized eyelids

7. Place all felt pieces on face. Play with location and angles of features to get different expressions or proportions. Glue in place. Add any extra accessories such as whiskers, earrings, scars, etc.

Gluing felt components together

8. Trim around outside of entire piece.

Cut around felt background

Isn't this the cat's meow? We think it's purr-fect!

Finished cartoon cat with knife

Finished cartoon cat with fish

Thanks to Johnny for designing and writing this tutorial! You can follow him on Instagram @thehooopkid. Stay tuned for more tutorials from the Benzie Design Maker Team!