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Felted Egg Tutorial


Felted Easter Eggs tutorial

What could be more fun than creating your own felted marbled Easter eggs? Wool roving and ready made wool eggs make this a quick and easy craft that the whole family will enjoy! You just need a few supplies to get started.

Project supplies

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Additional Supplies:

40 Gauge Needle  (optional)


1. Each wool egg is made of one color plus white. The process of blending is used to adjust the tint of the roving. To blend, take a strip of white roving and a strip of colored roving (pink shown below) and mix or blend the colors together by pulling the fibers apart and placing them together again. Blending will also shorten the length (or staple) of the roving.

Blending roving

If you are new to needle felting, read this to learn more. 

2. Continue to blend until a full ombre of tints are created. Below you can see the range from white to pink. Another great option is to blend in Benzie's sparkly Angelina fiber to a small section of the midtoned roving. It gives the eggs so much more character!

Blending color spectrum

3. Start wrapping the egg with the roving. I like to start with a light color on top and the darker color on the bottom.

Begin wrapping egg in roving

Continue wrapping egg in roving

4. Take the needle and starting felting in the fibers. They will interlock and adhere to the wool egg base. The more you felt, the less fuzzy the egg will become!

Felting roving into the egg

5. After needle felting the egg, add in wisps of white or color to give the egg a marbled feel. Twist and lay small wisps over the egg and needle felt in place. Switching to a 40-gauge needle at this point will help get the egg very smooth.

Adding wisps to felted egg

If you cook, er, felt these, tag #benziedesign with your creations on social media. Happy Easter and happy crafting!

Finished felted eggs

Finished felted eggs