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Home Sweet Home die cut tutorial

Create family heirlooms or magical imaginary neighborhoods using Benzie's dies and Bellwether felt! We used the Pineview Place and Dogwood Cottage die sets for this keepsake project. Whether you're reminiscing about the house you grew up in or the first house you moved into, these interchangeable deep etch dies make it easy to "build" the house of your dreams!

Skill Level: Beginner

Time: 1 - 3 hours

Project supplies

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Additional Supplies:

Fine Tip Permanent Marker


1. My favorite part of any project is gathering the felt at the beginning! For this project, you want to use Benzie's pure wool Bellwether felt. These dies include tiny pieces that hold up much better when using 100% pure wool felt. Once you have decided on your color combinations, cut the felt with your die cut machine and collect all the pieces. If you are new to die cutting, read up on it here.

Gathering supplies

2. These houses look great mounted in an embroidery hoop but would make lovely ornaments too! For the hoops, we used linen as the backing fabric. Felt would work too. Begin by positioning your felt shapes. Place the trees first, then glue the windows and roof onto the house separately.

Adding felt shapes to embroidery hoop

For best results we recommend Fabric Fusion glue. Bellwether felt is not very porous and other glues will have a hard time sticking. You don't need a lot but it does need a firm one second press to adhere. If you plan to add stitching, keep glue to a minimum as it's difficult to stitch through.

3. This can also be a no sew project. Secure all of the pieces with glue and be done! However, it does add a lovely touch to include some stitching details such as window panes and greenery.

Stitching details on house

4. Place the house on the hoop and finish by applique stitching the house to the backing fabric.

Stitching house onto embroidery hoop

5. As an optional step, add a date or signature tag to turn this craft into a keepsake! Use the Date Markers die and Kraft Tex paper (paper-like fabric that is water and tear resistant) and write on it with a fine tip permanent marker. Stitch onto the backing fabric or ornament.

Making date markers for hoop

6. There are several ways to finish the back of your hoop. Trace the inside of the small hoop onto felt and cut it out. Trim the hoop fabric down to about 1" and glue it into the wood hoop. Place the piece of felt in the back to finish as shown below in the oval hoop. Alternatively, cut down the fabric with your favorite pinking shears and use a running stitch along the edges. Pull it tight to finish as shown below in the circle hoop.

Finishing hoop backs

7. If you decide to make ornaments instead, it's easy to glue or stitch the layers together. Just add a ribbon for hanging!

Finished embroidery hoops

We are so excited about these new home themed die sets. We can't wait to see how you make them your own! For a limited time, you can purchase our Home Sweet Home Bundle which includes all of the dies, felt, Kraft Tex paper and thread you need for this project in our shop. Happy crafting!