Nutcracker Die Cut Tutorial


Nutcracker Deep Etch Die Tutorial

As the holiday season approaches, Nutcrackers of every variety will start appearing on store shelves and in craft tutorials. Our Nutcracker deep etch die lets you get right to the fun of designing an original Nutcracker to match your taste and decor - without all the fussy cutting. With dozens of options and the ease of a die, you'll have an entire army in no time at all!

Skill Level: Beginner
Time: 45 minutes

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1. Separate pieces of die with metal snippers. The Nutcracker die comes with many small pieces, so be careful not to lose them after separating! Several of the pieces can be used in a variety of ways but, for the purposes of this tutorial, we have named them as follows:

Nutcracker die diagram

Note: Some of the smaller pieces have been grouped together in the die because they are often cut from the same felt color (ex. Hair, Mustache, Beard) and can be left together, if you choose.

2. Select the individual pieces you want to use and cut from felt with a die cut machine.

Cutting felt pieces from die

3. Glue felt components to Base beginning with Hair, Coat and Pants. There will be a small border of the Base visible around the perimeter.

Gluing on base components

4. Continue by gluing on the Hat, Face, Hands and Boots (or Shoes.)

Adding secondary components

5. The next components to be attached are the Cheeks, Epaulets, Belt and Cuffs.

Adding final components for basic Nutcracker

From this point on, we created several variations of Nutcrackers by using (or leaving off) die components. To recreate this example, continue to Step 6.

6. Glue the Hat Band and then Plume and Ornament to the Hat. Add the Buckle to the Belt.

Adding first set of embellishments

7. Glue the Mustache and Beard to the Face below the Cheeks.

Adding second set of embellishments

8. Use Black thread to sew on seed beads or tie French knots for eyes on the Face and buttons down the Coat.

Stitching on eyes and buttons

9. Glue a second Base behind the first to cover the stitching. If you want to make this an ornament, add a loop for hanging between the two Bases.

Adding ornament loop and back

Your Nutcracker is ready for duty! He makes a brilliant ornament or applique and can be dressed up with sequins and beads. He's marching to the beat of your drum!

Finished Nutcracker variations