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Felt Fall Leaves Die Cut Tutorial


Felt Fall Leaves with Sequins and Beads Tutorial

Nothing is prettier than Fall leaves changing colors! We used our Oak Leaves deep etch die to create these beautiful felt specimens that will last forever - and we added a little sparkle with sequins and beads. We're bringing autumn inside!

Skill Level: Beginner
Time: Less than 1 hour (per leaf)

Project supplies

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Additional Supplies:

Stuffing Tooloptional


1. Use a cutting machine and die set to cut leaves from felt. Layer items in the following order: platform, thin die adapter, cutting pad, felt, die cut and another cutting pad. Cut two leaves per color. If you are new to die cutting, we suggest checking out our tutorial.

Cutting out felt with die cut machine

2. If you'd like to add sparkle to the leaves, bead one or both sides before sewing together. The easiest way to add the sequins is by sewing a bead into the center. Come up through the bead and sequin and back down through just the sequin. You can also add beads alone and mix and match the elements with additional colors.

Sewing sequins onto felt leaves

3. When the emellishments are finished, whip stitch the leaf sides together, adding a pinch of stuffing prior to closing. 

Adding stuffing to leaves

We love this palette of Fall colors together! Display your felt leaves in a bowl or hang on a garland or holiday tree. Happy crafting!

Finished felt fall leaves