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10 Ways to Craft with Enamel Pins


Craft with enamel pins

We love flair (especially Benzie's new line just for crafters) but love it even more when we have multiple ways to display it! But first let's introduce our pins: our favorite celebrates felt (of course!), then next felt poms and finally, embroidery floss! A fantastic trio designed using the colors from our Cactus Palette. We couldn't decide between the classic pin back or the magnetic back so we decided to offer both for more crafting and display potential!

Here are our top 10 favorite ways to pin, glue and craft with lapel pins!  

crafters flair

1. It's what denim was made for, right?! Pin them to your jacket, purse or tote bag! We like the magnetic backs for blouses and pin backs for jackets. Find all 3 enamel pins here!

2. Shout out your love for flair and glue to the zipper of your cosmetic bag or backpack! (Anytime you're gluing flair -don't forget the super strong glue!)

Paperclip craft

3. Glue one on back of a giant paperclip (we love to stay organized!). When gluing make sure to have a magnet back pin or just take off the pin with a wrench! Find the I Heart Felt pin here

4. Keep your memos safe in style -tac it to a cork board with a lapel pin! 

Lapel Pin Magnet

5. My favorite organizing method -just use magnet backed flair... to make a magnet! These magnets are super crazy strong and I guarantee this will become your favorite -it's functional and holds over 20 sheets of regular paper and just plain pretty too!  You'll want to use a super strong glue to attach the magnet! Get our I Heart Felt magnet backed pin here!

enamel pin display

6. Show them off in a felt banner! Make it easy and use our precut felt banners!

lapel pin display

5. Or display them in a felt covered embroidery hoop

Enamel Pin Embroidery Floss

8. Use the pin to glam up a flower or bow center for a gift topper! Wouldn't this also look cute as hair bow too? We used the french bow die to cut out this topper and the I Heart Floss pin. 

Needle Minder Embroidery Floss

9. The number one reason I love magnet backs - for needle minders! It's a great way to keep those sharps safe and glam up your cross stitch. All three of Benzie's lapel pins come in a magnetic backed option, we show our I Heart Floss pin here!

Enamel Pin Necklace Jewelery

10. Grab a bail and chain and make your own necklace! This is just so pretty and great way to show off your flair any day! We used this glue to attach our bail to the 'I Heart Poms' pin. 

Which way to use your pins is your favorite? I love how many options there are -some super functional and others just flashy! What is your favorite way to flair?