Felt Wildflower Tutorial

Posted by Renae Bradley on 29 July, 2016 6 comments

Handmade Felt Flowers
Felt Flower Bouquet by Benzie
I definitely have a favorite felt craft -and I bet you can guess! Flowers are always beautiful and I love being able to use all the colors of Benzie's rainbow! These remind me of wildflowers -pretty, bright and whimsical -you'll be crafting up a whole bouquet in no time!

We made these flowers use our favorite oval felt-fetti in both small and large size -there are so many things you can make with this basic shape! Another alternative is cutting ovals out of felt using our favorite scissors and freezer paper. Either method you select will work great! We used the felt colors Fern, Foxglove, Guava and Periwinkle.

Felt Flower DIY

Some additional supplies you will need are:

Benzie PomPoms in Foxglove, Lemonade and Fern, 1.5cm & 2.5cm size
Wire Flower Stems
Hot Glue

Easy Felt Flowers

Once you have a pile a ovals in both large and small sizes and a warmed up hot glue gun you are ready to roll!

To make filler stems and leaves on flowers you will use the large oval die -place a dot of glue on the bottom of the oval and pinch around the floral wire. Space to your liking. 

These little flowers remind me of Cosmos -I love all the colors! We use our small 1cm felt balls and attach to floral wire with a little hot glue (you may want use a needle or an awl to pre-pierce a hole). We use 4 small ovals -place a bit of glue on the bottom and pinch along the base of the felt pom. 

Our large flowers used 12 large ovals total -but this can be varied to adjust the look and style of your bloom. The first layer uses 4 ovals -we pre-pinched each petal before attaching to the base. This helped form the flower.

To finish the flower keep adding ovals around the pom-pom -add a green leaf or two to finish it off!

Felt Flower DIY
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  2. Kim Bernosky April 05, 2018

    Fun tutorial. Can’t wait to try it. Thank you.

  3. Bernadette Blakeley April 04, 2018

    Outrageous fun!!!

  4. Karen September 08, 2017

    I love this tutorial and hope that you make many more!!!!!

  5. Benzie Design August 31, 2017

    Thanks Mandy! Flowers are more fun in a bunch, aren’t they! Thanks again!

  6. Mandy August 16, 2017

    I love this one a lot! Your instructions are easy to follow step by step, the and you pitcher shows what it would look like if one does more than one. I especially like that you included the leaves! Thanks Renae!