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Felt Succulent DIY


DIY Felt Succulents

We love succulents - thick, smooth, symmetrical petals in a beautiful array of greens and blues. They are nature's bouquet. These little beauties also translate well into felt and fare well in all types of weather!

Skill Level: Beginner

Time: 1 hour

Succulent Felt Supplies

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Additional Supplies:

Moss Accents - optional
Birch Tree Stumps - optional


1. Cut a large number of ovals from the Succulant felt palette. You'll want both Small (1 x 3/4") and Large (1 1/2 x 1") ovals. To quicken the project, use Benzie's precut oval felt-fetti

Succulent Supplies

2. To make the succulent center, take one small oval and fold in half twice. Secure with just a bit of glue.

3. Next, take three small ovals and fold in half and form around succulent center. Continue attaching ovals on the underside of the plant to form your succulent. Begin to add the larger ovals as the succulent grows. 

4. Adjust the size of each succulent by adding more or less ovals. 

How to make a felt succulent

5. To make the centerpiece below, we used three sizes of birch logs. Add glue to the top and add moss and finished succulents. Felt pom-poms can also be used to resemble pebbles that succulents often grow in.

Felt Succulent Flower Centerpiece

This finished project would make a great focal point for your table. Or how about adding the succulents to a grapevine wreath or felt terrarium? Let us know what you make!