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Fourth of July Flag Patch


easy flag tutorial

We welcome Sue McKeel from Blue Without You @bluewithoutyoukids with this simple felt American flag. I love the versatility of this craft -make it wearable by applying it to a hat or a lapel pin or make decorative by embroidering it into hoop art! 

Intro: When July 4th rolls around, I’m always scrambling to find something patriotic to wear. Benzie felt balls and stars are always my go-to for making a cute necklace at the last minute (and I always get lots of compliments), but this year I wanted to do something a little extra. These embroidered felt flags are put together using just 2 basic stitches so everyone in the family can make one to wear! Each flag will have a personality of its own, which is always my favorite part of anything handmade.

Skill Level:  Beginner

Time: 1 hour or less

Supply List:

Small sheet of wool blend felt in Red and matching floss (321)

Small sheet of wool blend felt in Oxford and matching floss (823)

Small sheet of wool blend felt in Linen and matching floss (3866)

*This is enough felt to make 12 flags.

Embroidery needle

Scissors (I like the 9.6” size for longer straight cuts)

PDF Pattern Sheet (free download)


Pin backs and hot glue

Stiffening spray


Rotary cutter


DIY Felt Flag

1. Cut blue and linen felt pieces according to pattern. Cut 1/4” strips of red felt for the stripes. I used my rotary cutter and a ruler but cutting by hand will also work. Don’t worry if they’re slight wavy or uneven, that will look great too!

felt flag diy

2.  Using 3 strands of blue embroidery thread, stitch blue rectangle to linen rectangle at top left corner (I used a simple running stitch).

felt flag accessory

3. Using 3 strands of red embroidery thread, stitch red stripes along the top and bottom edges of the flag.

4th of july accessory

4th of july hoop art

4. Stitch 3rd stripe by aligning it with bottom of blue rectangle. Then center remaining 2 stripes in between the top and bottom ones. Sewing in this order helps space the stripes evenly.

Felt Flag Craft

american flag embroidery

5. Now for the stars! I used all 6 strands of white floss to make french knots as shown. Using the pattern as a template, poke your needle through the felt and paper at each dot. Remove paper to to make French knot, then repeat until all French knots are complete. 

independence day crafts

Your flag is now finished! Now the fun part begins…thinking of ways to use them!!

4th of July hat craft

4th of July hoop art embroidery

Stitch them onto ball caps, backpacks or hoop art. For a brooch (recommended for anything you’ll want to wash), spray the flag with a little stiffener, then hot glue a pin to the back! Now you’re ready to celebrate in style!

Thanks Sue! You can check out more of her work at @bluewithoutyoukid on Instagram!