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Advent Wreath Tutorial


Advent Wreath Tutorial

During Advent a candle is lit and added to a special wreath on the four Sundays before Christmas. We love the idea of little hands adding candles as part of a family tradition. While a traditional Advent wreath uses purple and pink candles or even red, this wreath tutorial is designed with white candles made from felt.  Whether you make this wreath to use during Advent or as a simple decoration to bring cheer to your holiday home, we hope it brightens your winter days!

Skill Level: Intermediate
Time: 6 hours

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Advent Wreath Pattern  (click to download)



1. Print Advent Wreath Pattern above onto cardstock. Set second page aside. The first page is the form for the Candle Body and Sconce and you will need one copy for every candle you make.

2. Cut out cardstock pieces from first page. Assemble as follows:

a. Candle Body - Roll and tape long side to dashed line.
b. Sconce - Roll and tape short side to dashed line.
c. Candle End - Glue one to end of Candle Body. Set second End aside.
d. Halo - Bend tinsel stem to template size. Wind end and cut excess.

Making cardstock candle form

3. Cut pattern pieces from second page and trace onto corresponding felt. For Sconce, cut along one long edge with 5mm scallop shears. Cut around Sconce Base with scallop shears as well.

Cutting pattern pieces from felt

4. Gently stuff Candle Body with Polyfil. Be careful not to push out secured Candle End. When body is filled, glue on second Candle End.

Stuffing candle form

5. Glue White felt around cardstock Candle Body. Do not overlap long ends. Trim if necessary so ends just meet. This will ensure candle fits into sconce.

Wrapping felt around candle form

6. A small amount of felt should extend past each end. Glue on felt Candle Ends. The felt end should fit inside and be flush with felt body.

Gluing felt ends to candle form

7. Glue Dripping Wax around top edge of candle.

Gluing felt wax to candle body

8. Glue flame components together with Inner Flame between both Outer Flames. Hot glue to top center of candle. Hot glue tinsel Halo directly behind flames.

Gluing flame and halo to candle end

Repeat Steps 2-8 three more times for remaining candles.

Finished set of candles


9. Glue felt Sconce piece around cardstock Sconce form. Align straight edge with bottom so scalloped edge will extend past top. Clips are helpful for holding the felt together while it dries.

Gluing metallic felt around sconce form

10. Glue cardstock Sconce Base to bottom of felt Base as reinforcement. Glue Sconce top to center of Base. Set aside to dry.

Attaching sconce to base

Repeat Steps 9 and 10 three more times.

Completed sconces


11. Trace approximately 80 Leaf patterns onto Conifer felt. An assortment of green felts are used in this example. You can also use large Oval felt fetti for this step.

Cutting leaves from felt

12. Add hot glue to one end of each Leaf and pinch together to form shape.

Gluing felt leaves into shape

13. Lay hoop flat and begin hot gluing leaves around outer edge with each leaf overlapping the next.

Gluing leaves to outer edge of hoop

14. Once outer edge is finished, move to inner edge. Hot glue leaves in the same direction.

Adding felt leaves to inner wreath

15. Position Sconces along top edge of hoop. Begin by placing first to cover hoop screw and adjust the rest to be spaced evenly. Hot glue in place.

Hot gluing sconces to wreath

16. Fill in spaces along top of hoop with remaining leaves.

Gluing remaining leaves to top of wreath

Your Advent wreath is complete! For a traditional Advent wreath, use purple and pink felt for the candles. Experiment with glitter or metallic felt to accentuate the dripping wax. These candles would also be beautiful in blue as part of Hanukkah decorations. Use silver metallic felt for the sconces to coordinate.

Finished candles in alternate colors

Happy Holidays and happy crafting from Benzie Design!

Finished Advent wreath

Thanks to Camille for designing and writing this tutorial! You can follow her on Instagram @notsomodernmillie or visit her website. Stay tuned for more tutorials!