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Bargello Wall Hanging tutorial

Maker Team member Penny of @happystitchery is brilliant with Bargello. Her tutorial for the pencil pot was so popular, that we've requested another Bargello project! If you've ever done any handstitching, we know you'll catch on quickly to the easy rhythm of this discipline. Let's Bargello, baby!

Want to brighten up your home with a custom piece of wall art? This super easy Bargello hanging wall decoration features a colorful tapestry of diamonds and will add a splash of color to any space!

Skill Level: Intermediate

Time: 10 hours

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Additional Supplies:

Bargello Pattern  (click to download)


1. This Bargello project utilizes nearly a full sheet of 10-count plastic canvas. Getting started with Bargello is easy as it is a simple long stitch. This project has a mixture of 2, 3, 4 or 5 length stitches. The pattern is on a grid to simplify counting the length of stitches.

Bargello stitch diagram

2. Begin with Oxford Blue tapestry wool (7823) and start the design in the bottom left corner. The first stitch is 4 stitches in length, then 2 stitches in length followed again by 4. Once you have completed the first stitches, turn the canvas over and thread the tail of wool underneath the finished stitches to keep the back of the canvas tidy. Continue stitching the first line with Oxford Blue, using the pattern for reference, until it stretches the whole width of the canvas. Most of these stitches will be a length of 5 until the other side of the canvas.

Beginning first line of stitches

3. Once the initial line is complete, it will be easier to add the next colors. Use this first line as a guide along with the pattern. The next color is Magenta (7600.) Thread the wool and follow the pattern; it is almost a reverse of the first color.

Adding Magenta tapestry wool to design

4. Following the pattern, continue to alternate between Oxford Blue and Magenta until you have completed all of the design in these colors. Once these colors are complete, trim the canvas to size. Make sure not to cut into the last threads you have sewn!

Trimming edges of canvas

5. With the main grid complete, it is easy to add the remaining colors! Thread the needle with Ecru tapestry wool (Ecru.) Follow the pattern and stitch all of the Ecru sections of the design.

Adding Ecru tapestry wool to design

6. Once the Ecru sections are stitched, you are left with diamond shapes to add the remaining colors. Thread the needle with Hibiscus tapestry wool (7135) and stitch the pink diamond shapes. Continue with Clementine (7740), Peacock (7861) and Geranium (7542) using the pattern for reference. Once Geranium is finished, the main design is complete. You are now ready to turn this into a hanging piece of art!

Adding remaining accent colors to design

7. Thread the needle with Oxford Blue tapestry wool. Starting in the bottom right hand corner of the canvas, whipstitch up the right hand side until it is covered. Repeat whipstitch on the left side. Leave top and bottom of the canvas bare.

Whipstitching edges of canvas

8. Hold the wooden dowel at the top of the canvas. Whipstitch the dowel to the canvas with Oxford Blue wool. 

Attaching wooden dowel to top of canvas

9. For the fringe, cut strands of Oxford Blue wool measuring about 21”. Fold a strand in half and thread two strands into the needle before passing through the bottom left hole of the canvas. Once the wool is halfway through, open the loop and pull the other end through the loop.

Adding fringe to bottom of canvas

10. Skip every other hole of the canvas and add the tapestry wool in the following pattern:

Oxford Blue (7823) - 7 strands
Magenta (7600) - 5 strands
Oxford Blue - 5 strands
Magenta - 5 strands
Oxford Blue - 4 strands

Tying on additional fringe

This pattern will finish at the center of the design. Move to the bottom right of the canvas and add tapestry wool moving toward the middle in the following pattern: 

Oxford Blue (7823) - 7 strands
Magenta (7600) - 5 strands
Oxford Blue - 5 strands
Magenta - 5 strands
Oxford Blue - 4 strands

Fill the last center hole with Oxford Blue fringe.

11. Trim the fringe to desired length. The example is trimmed to 7". Use sharp scissors and a ruler to trim evenly.

Trimming fringe

12. To add a hanger, cut a length of Oxford Blue tapestry wool to 16”. Tie one end of the wool to the right hand side of the dowel and tie a knot. Repeat on the left side. Trim any excess wool after the knots.

Adding hanger to top of canvas

Your wall art is finished and ready to hang! I hope you enjoyed making this Bargello project. Remember, you can make your own color palette for this design to give it your own creative flair. Happy stitching!

Finished Bargello wall hanging

Finished detail from Bargello wall hanging

Thanks to Penny for designing and writing this tutorial! You can follow her on Instagram @happystitchery or visit her website. Stay tuned for more tutorials from the Benzie Design Maker Team!