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Camp Benzie: Cross Stitch Dolls


Cross stitch paper dolls

Paper dolls are a staple of childhood play and creativity on long, hot summer afternoons. This tutorial reimagines classic paper dolls and introduces young crafters to a new technique – cross stitch. These cross stitch dolls are modern, durable and can be completely customized to look like you and your friends! Let your imagination soar while your fingers fly with Cross Stitch Dolls by Benzie Design Maker Team member Camille of (not so) Modern Millie.

Skill Level: Kid friendly, Beginner

Time: 3+ Hours

felt doll supplies

Supply List:
Stitchable Felt – 1 sheet makes 2 dolls
Doll Face Felt Color Palette
Doll Face Floss (10 skeins)
Assorted Embroidery floss
Embroidery Needles – No.24 Tapestry
Tacky Glue
PDF Pattern

1. Click on the link below to print the Cross Stitch Doll PDF Pattern. The pattern
includes basic instructions for cross stitch and customization.
Cross Stitch Doll Pattern PDF Download

2. Select the coordinating felt and thread colors to match the doll(s) you are going to
stitch. Benzie Design’s Doll Face floss selection is perfect for matching skin tones if
you’ve decided to customize a doll. If you don’t have the exact thread colors that are
listed on the pattern, use similar colors you have on hand.

cross stitch dolls

3. Start stitching! Be sure to reference the pattern carefully so the dolls are properly
placed. (This step might require adult supervision if the child has never read a
pattern before.) Each sheet of stitchable felt should fit two dolls with room for
cutting them out.

Cross Stitch toys

Cross stitching is a great start and stop craft. This is not a project that has to be
completed in one sitting!

Cross Stitch People

4. Cut out the finished doll. Allow a space between the stitched squares and the
cutting line so that the finished stitches are not severed. (This step might require
adult supervision.)

Felt Play Dolls

5. Glue the doll onto felt for backing. Benzie Design’s Doll Face felt palette
coordinates with the Doll Face embroidery thread. Pick the felt that best matches
your doll’s skin tone.

Play Felt Dolls

Once dry, cut again around the edges of the doll.

Paper Dolls and Cross Stitch

6. Play!

Felt Dolls

These dolls are durable for small hands and easy to store until the next afternoon
storm (or boredom) strikes.

Paper Doll Twist

They are also perfect to send a far-away friend to take on adventures! So many
possibilities – so many days of Summer.
Flat Stanley