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Christmas in July Tutorial


Reversible mini cushion tutorial

Welcome to Christmas in July with Benzie Design + Therm O Web! We're sharing fabulous holiday-themed tutorials all week, along with an exclusive discount code and chance to win gift cards from Benzie and Therm O Web. Find the details at the end of this Reversible Mini Cushion tutorial designed by Maker Team member Abby of @katpaperlove.

Nothing beats the holidays, but Christmas in July comes a close second! It is the best time of the year to get a head start on all your holiday crafts. Summer heat can sometimes suck up your energy, but this easy craft is going to help you feel cozy in all the right ways. The best part is you can whip up a bunch of these as presents for your co-workers, friends, and neighbors for a touch of “made with love” in no time at all!

Skill Level: Beginner

Time: 1-2 hours

Craft supplies


9x12” Christmas Wool Blend Felt Palette
Dotted Tree Die
Felt-fetti Holly
Sewing Needle
Sewing Pins
Wonder Clips
Wooden Dowel
Sewing Machine
Die-cut Machine
Therm O Web SpraynBond Fabric Stiffener Spray
Therm O Web iCraft Fabric Fuse Liquid Adhesive
Therm O Web Sew-In Lightweight Nonwoven Interfacing


1. Pick two colors for the front and back of your mini cushion from the Christmas wool blend felt palette. I chose Ecru and Mustard. With a ruler and pencil, measure out 9x9" squares of both felt colors and two equal sized squares of the interfacing. Measure, cut and set aside.

Measuring cushion base

2. Gather three sets of Holly felt-fetti that each contain (2) leaves of like color, (1) darker leaf and (1) berry.

Felt holly shapes and stiffener spray

3. Follow the directions on the Fabric Stiffener Spray and spray all your leaves. Pinch leaves in half lengthwise and use clips to hold them in place as they air dry.

Adding stiffening spray to felt holly leaves

4. Use the dotted tree die to cut out (4) Emerald, (3) Clover, (3) Pistachio, and (3) Kelly wool blend felt trees.

Tree die and green felt

5. Arrange trees in a pattern. Alternate colors to create interest! Once you have laid out your design, flip it over so it is easy to follow your pattern when you get to the adhering step.

Arranging felt tree pattern

6. Sandwich the two felt squares between the interfacing squares. 

Lining up felt base and interfacing

7. Sew the squares around the perimeter leaving a small section unsewn.

Sewing perimeter of pillow base

8. Gently flip the cushion right side out. Use a wooden dowel to push out the corners.

Turning out cushion corners

9. Stuff the cushion using the rod to help fill in the edges and corners. Be sure to fill it with enough stuffing to create a stable yet plushy pillow.

Stuffed cushion

10. Sew the cushion shut with a ladder stitch so stitching will not be visible.

Stitching cushion closed

11. Now it's time to glue the decorations on the cushion using the Fabric Fuse Liquid Adhesive. The glue takes a few hours to dry, so begin with the tree pattern since they lay flat. Take your time and follow the design in reverse from when it was flipped over.

Gluing on felt tree decoration

12. Now flip the cushion over and lay out the holly design. Use the Fabric Fuse Liquid Adhesive plus the stick pins to hold the pieces in place. Leave your stick pins in place for at least half an hour while the glue dries.

Adhering felt holly decoration

Presto! A couple hours later and your super cute mini cushion is ready to be displayed. Now you have the skill set to create new designs and the time to make a whole army for the holidays!

Finished mini cushion with felt trees

Finished mini cushion with felt holly berries

Thank you Abby for designing and writing this tutorial! You can follow her on Instagram @katpaperlove or visit her website.

And a special thanks to Therm O Web for supplying the adhesive materials for this project. Please enjoy an exclusive 10% discount on one purchase at Cannot be combined with other offers, nor valid on new or sale items. Good thru Dec.31, 2021. Enter 'BENZIEFELT1021' at checkout.

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