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Cookie Decorating Kit


Cookie Decorating Kit Tutorial

If you're short on flour but have plenty of felt, you should try this recipe! Maker Team member Karla of @mochi_mx has designed a charming cookie decorating kit that takes you from the raw ingredients to the professional finish. Benzie's durable wool blend felt is perfect for the hours of play this set is sure to receive.

Let's spend the afternoon making delicious cookies. You'll have everything you need with this fun kit: a sheet pan, cookie dough, cookies, a piping bag, glazes and toppings! Use your imagination and "bake" with different colors and shapes. Have fun!

Skill Level: Beginner

Time: 3 hours

Project supplies


Two 9 x 12" sheets of Shortbread Wool Blend Felt
One 9 x 12" sheet of Toast Wool Blend Felt
One 9 x 12" sheet of Aqua Wool Blend Felt
Two 9 x 12" sheets of Smoke Wool Blend Felt
Two 9 x 12" sheets of Bellwether Thick Felt, 3mm
Felt Scraps in Assorted Colors
Embroidery Thread - Shortbread, Aqua and Smoke
Embroidery Needle
Cookie Decorating Kit Template  (click to download)


1. Download and print the Cookie Kit Template above. Cut out pattern pieces and trace onto corresponding felt colors as follows:

Cookie Sheet - (2) shape A from Smoke, (1) shape A from Thick (3mm) felt
Cookie Dough - (2) shape B from Shortbread
Piping Bag - (1) shape E (large) from Aqua, (1) shape E (small) from Smoke
Cookie, for each - (2) shape C from Toast, (1) shape C from Thick felt
Glaze - Multiples of shapes D from assorted felt scraps
Toppings - Bits from assorted felt scraps

Flip the pattern pieces when tracing the second sheet pan, cookie dough and  cookie pieces.

Cutting out pattern pieces

Cut out felt pieces.

2. Place the two pieces of the Cookie Sheet together with right sides facing out. Whip stitch around the perimeter leaving one side open. Insert the thick felt and finish stitching closed.

Assembling cookie sheet

3. For the Cookie Dough, cut the inner circles on both felt pieces. Pin the two pieces together with right sides facing out. Whip stitch around the outside perimeter first, then all the inner circles and finally the cut out circles. 

Assembling cookie dough

4. Fold the Piping Bag shape in half lengthwise and whip stitch from bottom to top. Stitch a running stitch around the circumference 1 - 2" from the top. Stuff with Polyfil and pull the running stitch tight to close. Secure with a knot.

5. Fold the Piping Bag Tip in half lengthwise and whip stitch. Add the tip to the piping bag. You could make different colored piping bags for each glaze flavor.

Assembling the piping bag

6. Place the two Cookie pieces together with right sides facing out. Whip stitch around half of the cookie, insert the thick felt and finish stitching closed. Repeat for as many cookies as you'd like.

Assembling cookies

7. Cut out Glazes from different colors of felt. For extra fun, cut round shapes for chocolate chips, little rectangles for sprinkles and any additional toppings you might like!

Adding toppings to cookies

Now it's time to bake! Make as many cookies as you want and have fun decorating each one with different glazes, toppings and colors.

Finished cookie set

Gracias to Karla for designing and writing this tutorial! You can follow her on Instagram @mochi_mx or visit her website. Stay tuned for more tutorials from the Benzie Design Maker Team!