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Camp Benzie: Rainbow Macramé


Rainbow Macrame Craft

Here at Benzie Design, we know that crafts have always been an important part of every child's summer camp experience. With many summer camps being canceled this year because of the pandemic, you might be looking for kid-friendly summer crafts to do at home. We're here to help with our three-part Camp Benzie series! In today's Camp Benzie tutorial, Benzie Design Maker Team member Hannah of Oh Honey Child shows us how to make a classic rainbow macrame decoration!

There has been a lot going on in the world around us. It’s easy to feel discouraged when so many obstacles come our way, but in every event of our lives, we have a choice on how to respond. Today, I would like to encourage the world to respond with peace, kindness and joy. After many storms, the rain finally stops, the sun shines and on a special days we’re gifted with a dazzling rainbow. No matter what age you are, there’s something magical about seeing a real rainbow in the sky. So in light of the darkness that surrounds us, let’s make a macramé rainbow to hang on our windows to encourage our community as they pass by that the sun will indeed shine again.

Skill level: beginner

Time: 1.5 – 2.5  hours

Supply List:

- One 9x12 inch Felt sheet

- Floral Wire (20 Gauge)

- 3 ft Cotton Rope (1/2 inch thickness)

- Hot glue gun and hot glue

- 3 DMC Embroidery Floss 598, Swan

- 3 DMC Embroidery Floss 3822, Ochre

- 3 DMC Embroidery Floss 3856, Peach

- Sharp scissors

- 1 inch Masking Tape

-  Ruler

-  Comb 

how to make a wrapped rainbow

1. Cut your rope into three pieces (15.5 inches, 13 inches and 11 inches). Wrap tape on each end of the rope.

macrame rainbow craft

2. Wrap the wire around each rope starting from the tape and follow the indents in rope. This way, when you wrap with floss after, it will not be hard to cover the wire. The wire will provide structure to your rainbow.

3. Hot glue the ends of the wire into the indents of the rope. This way, it won’t stick out.

wrapping macrame with thread

4. Starting with the shortest rope, glue the Swan DMC Floss perpendicular to the masking tape, then wrap around the rope. Add a thin layer of hot glue every so often to make sure the floss stays in place.

5. Do the same steps for the 13 inch ( with Ochre) and 15.5 inch (with peach)

easy wrapped rainbow

Make a yarn wrapped rainbow

6. Remove tape. Assemble the rope together and bend to your liking. Hot glue the swan and ochre ropes together. I like to start at each end – gluing the right side, then the left side, and then everything in between. Then glue the peach rope using the same method. Hot glue takes time to cool down, so hold in place with your hands until the glue is secured.

Ornament hanger diy

how to attach an ornament hanger

7. Use the remaining thread to braid a hoop. Tie into a bracelet and glue to the back of the rainbow.

rainbow pattern on felt

How to finish a wrapped rainbow craft

8. Place rainbow onto the felt. Use a marker (I used a disappearing ink marker) and trace around the rainbow (not including the taped area). This shape will be too large to glue to the back. Draw a smaller version inside of the shape and cut out.

9. Glue the felt to the back of the rainbow. I like to place the felt on top first and center it. Then glue from the middle to the ends of the “n” shape.

combing out the ends of macrame

10. Use the comb to brush out the rope on the ends of the rainbow. Use scissors to cut and even out the ends.

macrame wrapped rainbows

Congratulations: Congratulations! You made a beautiful window hanging that will brighten up any room or street! You can share this idea with friends and neighbors, and count the number of rainbows you can find while you stroll around your neighborhood.

Thank you so much Hannah for this happy rainbow craft. You can find more of Hannah's work at @ohhoneychild on instagram.