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Creative focus felt craft tutorial

When she's not creating tutorials for Benzie, Maker Team member KD of @lostvly is enriching the world as an art teacher. Her latest project is a brilliant way to help crafters of all ages tap into their creative intuition and make something truly unique! School is in session!

As an art teacher, I have worked with students of multiple skill and creativity levels. I’ve seen what it's like to get frustrated and not know where to start, which is why following steps can be helpful. I’ve also seen how too much guidance can be frustrating and restrict creativity. Over time, I realized that the creative process is just as important, if not more, than the end result. With this in mind, this tutorial is set up to be open-ended, allowing you as the creator to challenge yourself using just a few parameters and supplies to create a completely original plushie.

I will be drawing and sewing this project along side my younger brother. This tutorial can be scaled up or down to meet any artist at any level. Let’s get started!

Skill Level: Kid Friendly / Beginner

Time: 1-3 hours

Project supplies


Wool Blend Felt Swatch Chart
Two 9 x 12" sheets of Wool Blend Felt  (Cut to 8 x 8")
Assorted Wool Blend Felt
Disappearing Ink Pen
Tacky Glue
Wonder Clips
Embroidery Needle
Circle Challenge Template  (click to download)


1. Print the Circle Challenge PDF above. Use the template to help you think outside of the box, or inside of the circles (See what I did there?) to sketch some ideas. Push yourself to fill up every circle, but any amount will do. Once you’re satisfied, choose your favorite!

Sketching project ideas

2. Using a pencil, draw your favorite design inside the big circle on the template. Keep your lines as precise and clean as possible because this will become your cutting pattern.

Using project template

3. Using a Benzie Design felt swatch chart, choose the felt colors you want to use in your project. You can also look through the felt you have, including scrap pieces, and choose accordingly. We used a mix of full felt sheets and scrap pieces for our plushies.

Benzie Design felt swatch chart

Label the color choices on each shape of your template.

Labeling project template

4. Cut out the big circle on the template and, using a disappearing ink pen, trace it twice onto your two 8 x 8" felt pieces. These will be your front and back plushie pieces. Depending on the age of the creator, you may want to lend support on this step.

Cutting out front and back felt pieces

5. Following your pencil marks, cut out the rest of the template.

Cutting out remaining pattern pieces

Trace each piece on the corresponding sheet of felt, then cut.

Tracing pattern pieces onto felt

Continue this process until all pieces are cut.

Arranging felt pieces

6. Sew or glue the front design onto the felt circle. Be creative as possible! Think about the color of thread as well as the type of stitches you use.

Stitching felt design to front

7. Pin the front and back felt circles together. Choose your favorite stitch and sew around the outer edge leaving an opening for stuffing at the bottom.

Stitching together front and back pieces

Stitched project examples

8. Stuff the entire circle with Polyfil and finish sewing the opening closed.

Stuffed felt plushies

That’s it! You’ve made something unexpected and unique! Place this little cutie anywhere you’d like - couch, shelf, or comfy chair and allow it to be the center of attention!

Finished felt plushies

I’d love to see what ending you created! If you have any questions or would like to know more about this tutorial or my work, please reach out @lostvly.

Finished felt plushies

Thanks to KD for designing and writing this tutorial! You can follow her on Instagram @lostvly or visit her website. Stay tuned for more Benzie Design Maker Team tutorials from KD and the rest of the team!