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Cross Stitched Letters


Cross stitch felt letters

The new Cut + Paste palette is full of bright fun colors that you’ll want in your craft room everyday. Using the lettering style of the cool new Benzie logo, stitchable felt and the palette’s embroidery floss pack, you can cross stitch yourself a “Maker” or “Crafty” moniker to show everyone your true colors.

Skill level: beginner, intermediate

Stitched Tote Bag


Supply list: 

Stitchable felt

Floss Packs of Cut + Paste for “Maker” or Boho Garden for “Crafty”

One sheet of 12x18 of Grapefruit

One sheet of 6 x 9 of Ochre


Tapestry 16 needle

White thread and a small sewing needle -or use a single strand of embroidery floss.

Stuffing and/or chopped walnut shells or lentils

Tote bag

Downloadable Pattern for "Maker" and "Crafty"

Stitchable Felt

Cross stitch

Even if you’re a beginner to cross stitch, you should have no problem on this large scale stitchable felt. We outline the basics of cross stitch below.

Use all 6 strands of your floss and a Tapestry 16 blunt edge needle. Leave a 1” or so tail of floss. You can catch your beginning tail in back with your stitches to hold it in place.

Start your first stitch coming up from under the stitchable felt, in the bottom left corner of the X you want to make. Go back down through the top right, back up through the top left and finish off through the bottom right. Repeat this for all your X’s in one color before moving on to the next. When you’re done with a color you can weave your end through under some stitches and then snip off the floss. 

how to cross stitch

how to finish off cross stitch

Cut the letters out around the stitches being careful not to clip through all stitches. 

Felt letters to stitch

Lay them out on the tote bag and pin them in place.

tote bag crafts

Sew them to the bag using a whipstitch with white thread and a small regular sewing needle. Be careful to sew just to the front of the bag and not through both sides.

applique on tote bag

You can also make a nameplate for your craft table -grab the "Crafty" pattern here! 

crafty name plate

Another fun thing to do with your letters is make yourself a stuffed name plate for your craft table. This time just cut out the word all in one piece. Sew your stitched piece along the long edge of an 8 x 12” piece of felt, here I used Grapefruit. Then press two creases that will fold the piece into a triangle with two sides the height of your stitched piece and then a short side which will be the base it sits on. 

diy nameplate

Fold your piece into the triangle and sew along all three corners with a whipstitch and matching floss, the open end to close it and then the other two edges  to give your piece structure. Cut two triangle side pieces for the ends. Sew one in place and then stuff your nameplate before you finish it up by sewing the other in place. I used crushed walnut shells to give mine some weight. You could use those or lentils or dried beans at the bottom for weight and then fill out the top with stuffing. 

make my own nameplate

Monogram tote bag

Thanks so much Hillary! Every crafter needs a nameplate sitting on their desk! You can check out more of Hillary's work at @weewonderfuls on Instagram.