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Felt Cactus DIY


Felt Cactus DIY

Our favorite desert darling — the cactus! Craft your own prickly plants with our handy DIY below! 

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Additional Supplies: 

Cactus Pattern  (click to download)
Small Terra Cotta Pots  (4" rim shown)
Sewing Machine


1. Print out the Cactus Pattern above (or freehand your own design) on basic copy paper and cut out. Take a 6x9" sheet of felt, fold in half and pin paper pattern in place. 

cactus pattern

2. Use a sewing machine to sew right on the paper pinned felt. We love this method for tracing and sewing patterns! Be sure to leave the bottom open for stuffing. (1) Gently tear the paper away from the felt. (2) Grab sharp scissors and trim about 1/4" around the stitched line. (3) Finally, use fabric paint to stipple dots over the cactus. We used a sheet of paper to help us make even lines. (4)  Let dry over night and repeat on opposite side.

cactus tutorial craft

3. Repeat the process for each cactus shape. Keep a steady hand and you'll have a whole prickly forest soon!

cactus fabric and paint

4. Gently fill your cactus with Polyfil. 

how to make a fabric cactus

5. Stuff the bottom of the pot with a little Polyfil. Mix and match the best prickly pairs (pun!) and hot glue the bases together for a bit more stability. Strategically glue poms in place around the cactus and base of the pot.

succulents and cactus felt craft

6. Use the pattern to cut out accent flowers. We used about five to seven flowers per pot, placing them on the tip of the cactus or as accents in the felt rocks.

cactus succulent felt craft

Enjoy your new desert darlings!

Felt Cactus DIY

Succulent Cactus Felt Tutorial