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Family Tree Ornament Tutorial

Holidays bring us together - there's no better time to spend with family. This year, we are far apart from some family, and that can make the holiday season feel a little less sparkly. A great way to honor family members and make them a part of your celebration is with these beautiful Family Tree Ornaments designed by Maker Team member Camille of @notsomodernmillie

“Should auld acquaintance be forgot and never brought to mind?
Should auld acquaintance be forgot and days of auld lang syne?”

The holiday season often finds us reflecting on years past. While we can’t always be with the ones we love, we wanted to help you bring some of those cherished people and memories into your holiday home. With a little bit of time and some beautiful supplies, this tutorial will help you create heirloom ornaments for your family tree.

Skill Level: Beginner

Time: 2 hours

Family Tree Ornament Supplies

Supply List:
One 9x12 sheet of Silver Wool Blend Felt
One 9x12 sheet of Ecru Wool Blend Felt
Silver Metallic Sequins (4mm flat)
Gold Metallic Sequins (4mm flat)
Embroidery Thread – DMC 415, 817, and 3822 
Needle – Embroidery 5/10
Metallic Elastic Cord – Silver and Gold
Tacky Glue
Family Pictures
PDF Pattern (click to download)

Note: The supplies listed will make 3 silver and 3 gold sequin ornaments. If you would like to make more, you will need additional felt and sequins.


1. Click on the link above to view the Family Tree Ornament template. Print on cardstock and cut out individual pieces.

2. Use a sharp pencil to trace Ornament Front and Ornament Back pattern pieces onto the same color felt. Cut. You need one front and back piece for each ornament.

Family Tree Ornaments Step 2

3. Thread your needle with one strand of embroidery thread. (Use DMC 415 for a silver ornament and DMC 3822 for a gold ornament.) Knot the end of the thread. Begin sewing the sequins to the felt along the inner circle of the Ornament Front.

Family Tree Ornament Step 3

4. Stitch on the sequins by bringing the thread up through the felt (1). Thread a sequin onto the needle. Bring the thread back down through the fabric (2). Repeat this pattern by bringing the needle up through the fabric a distance of half a sequin away from the last sequin (3). All of the sequins will overlap by half and cover up the stitching.

Family Tree Ornament Step 4

5. When you get to the end of the inner circle, the last sequin can be stitched the same way and just wiggled under the first sequin (see Figure 2.) Move to the next row by moving up a distance of half a sequin above the first row (see Figure 3.) The template is sized to accommodate four rows of sequins.

Family Tree Ornament Step 5

6. After stitching the four rows of sequins to the Ornament Front, stitch one row of sequins along the outer edge of the Ornament Back. As an optional step, you can embroider the Ornament Back. Use the sharp pencil to write the name or initials of the family member. Thread the needle with 2 strands of DMC 817 and backstitch over the pencil lines.

Family Tree Ornament Step 6

7. You will want to scan or copy the picture you are framing. It is not recommended that you use the original photograph. Size and print the picture so the image will fit within the Photograph template – a 2.75” circle. Trace the Photograph template onto the copied picture. Cut.

Family Tree Ornament Step 7

8. Now it’s time to assemble! Lay the Ornament Back face down. If you’ve embroidered the back, make sure the letters are straight and upright. Glue the family picture in the center of the back side. Cut a 6” length of elastic cord (to match the ornament) and make a loop. Glue the ends above the family picture. Glue the sequined Ornament Front on last making sure the front and back pieces are aligned.

Family Tree Ornament Step 8

9. Hang and enjoy!

Family Tree Ornament Step 9A

These ornaments can be customized to coordinate with different color schemes Benzie offers a fabulous assortment of sequins and felt. And the photographs can be selected for specific gifts or place settings. However they are used, we hope these ornaments add joy to your holiday season.

Family Tree Ornament Step 9B

Family Tree Ornament Step 9C

“For auld lang syne, my dear, for auld lang syne,
We’ll tak a cup o’ kindness yet for days of auld lang syne.”

Thanks to Camille for designing and writing this tutorial! You can follow her on Instagram @notsomodernmillie or visit her website. Stay tuned for more tutorials from the Benzie Design Maker Team!