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Felt s'mores tutorial

Karla of @mochi_mx makes mouthwatering felt food that comes to life with her attention to detail and fun animations. We are honored to have her on our Maker Team all the way from Mexico! Her first tutorial for you is the ultimate Summer snack - the s'more.

Imagine that we are at a campfire, the smell of nature, sitting around a warm fire and preparing to make some delicious s'mores - only this time they are made of felt! This is a fun project that you can do in an afternoon. You can easily make up to two s'mores with the materials listed below, but let's start by making one!

Skill Level: Intermediate / Advanced

Time: 3 hours

Craft supplies


One 9x12" sheet of Toast Wool Blend Felt
One 9x12" sheet of Brown Wool Blend Felt
One 9x12" sheet of White Wool Blend Felt
Thick Felt (5mm) or Cardboard
One ounce of Chocolate Corriedale Roving
One ounce of Golden Corriedale Roving
Embroidery Floss - DMC 301
Thread in White, Light Brown and Dark Brown
Needle Felting Pen
Needle Felting Foam
S'more Template PDF (click to download)


1. Download and print the S'more Template PDF above. Cut out pattern pieces.

Cutting out pattern pieces

2. Cut all the wool blend felt pieces, making sure the shapes are facing opposite ways. 

Cutting out felt shapes

Now we are ready to begin!


3. Place the B shape on the needle felting foam and the B marshmallow template above. Mark the dots with 4 pins. Use this as a guide for the needle felting (the toasted part of the marshmallow.)

4. Place some Golden Corriedale roving and some Chocolate Corriedale roving inside the guide. Use the needle felting pen and make some punches. Always place the needle vertically!

Needle felting a toasted marshmallow

5. Use the A template as a guide and, with the white thread, start stitching the middle of shape A with the beginning of shape B until you get to where you started.

Stitching the felt marshmallow

6. Complete stitching around shape B and stitch the back seam closed. Fill the marshmallow with Polyfil. 

7. Stitch the other shape A onto the open end of the marshmallow.

Finishing the felt marshmallow


8. Place two cookie shapes together, right sides facing out. Fold the A cookie template in half and pin in place. Use the dashed lines as a guide. Stitch the center with DMC 301. At the end you should have a blank space and a stitch, a blank space and a stitch, and so on.

9. Stitch three sides of the cookie. Insert the thick felt cookie shapes to fill both halves of the cookie.

Making the s'more cookies

10. Place your A cookie template on top and mark all the dots with a thick needle. Use your needle felting foam underneath. Use this as a guide for stitching all the dots with the embroidery thread (DMC 301).

Marking holes in the felt cookie

11. Start with dot 1 from behind the thick felt to the front of the cookie.

Stitching details on felt cookie

12. Stitch to the back in the same dot 1, then stitch to the front diagonally from 1 to 2. Stitch to the back in dot 2 and go back to the front to dot 3. Do the same until you stitch all the dots.

Stitching diagram

13. After you've stitched all the dots, continue to the edge and stitch the cookie closed.

14. Repeat steps 8-13 to make the other cookie.


15. Place chocolate shape A with shape C, right sides facing out. With the dark brown thread, start stitching the long side. Stitch the short side of shape C with B.

16. Without cutting the thread, continue stitching the long shape B with A. Stitch the short shape of B and C.

17. Without cutting the thread stitch the long shape C and A. Stitch the short side of shape C with B.

18. Without cutting the thread, continue stitching the long shape B with A and finally stitch the shapes B and C.

Stitching chocolate shapes

19. Repeat steps 15-18 until you have six chocolate pieces.

20. Place two of the chocolate pieces face down and stitch the shape C. Place another chocolate piece and repeat. Do the same with the other three pieces of chocolate.

21. Place the two rows of chocolate bars face down and stitch together.

22. Place the thick felt F and G inside each square of chocolate. Stitch on piece D as the backing and sew three sides.

23. Insert piece E and continue stitching the edge of the chocolate until it is sewn closed.

Finishing felt chocolate candy

Congrats, you've just made a s'more! After all your work you can see the finished piece and enjoy it - but no eating! You can use your s'more as a toy, decoration, or even as a pincushion. I hope you have enjoyed making this fantastic creation with me. l have many other ideas for us to make together soon!

Finished s'more animation

Finished felt s'more

Gracias to Karla for designing and writing this tutorial! You can follow her on Instagram @mochi_mx or visit her website. Stay tuned for more Benzie Design Maker Team tutorials from Karla and the rest of the team!