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Felt Holiday Wreath Tutorial


Glittery Botanical Wreath Tutorial

We couldn't wait to share this tutorial by Maker Team member Kasia of @theadventuredept. This stunning glitter wreath looks so luxurious and would be a perfect holiday touch from Thanksgiving all the way to New Year's! Plus, it's made of felt so we are smitten. Pull up a chair and let's get started!

Hi! Hello! It’s me, your friendly neighborhood sparkle enthusiast, back with another use for Benzie’s incredibly special glitter and metallic felts. In this easy project, you’ll use felt botanical elements - Maidenhair Fern and Rosemary sprigs - to make a modern and impactful wreath, as well as optional candlesticks for your holiday table. It’s a perfect way to upcycle plain or thrifted tableware! While you can use any of the beautiful glittery colors in Benzie’s palette, something about silver on silver feels so right for 2023.

Skill Level: Beginner
Time: 1 - 2 Hours

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Additional Supplies:

Wreath Pattern PDF  (click to download)
Wreath Pattern SVG  (click to download) - optional, for use with cutting machine
Cutting Machine - optional
Candle Holders - optional


1. Print and cut out Wreath Pattern above. Trace the desired number of pieces onto the felt. The glitter felt is stiffer than the metallic felt and is therefore particularly well-suited to these more detailed elements.

For 12" Wreath:
(2) Small FERN
(5) Medium FERN
(5) Large FERN
(5) ROSEMARY SPRIGS - For a single Rosemary sprig, cut 4 to 6 LEAF SET A pieces and 4 to 8 LEAF SET B pieces, depending on desired length.

For Candlesticks:

Cutting botanical shapes from felt

If you have a cutting machine at your disposal, you can use the drawing function and a fine point pen to draw the pattern pieces onto the wrong side of your felt. I find it easier than using freezer paper and much faster than hand tracing. Just follow the lines and hand cut!

Drawing pattern with cutting machine and SVG file

2. Get your detail scissors ready and cut the pattern pieces! Don’t worry about perfection - a little variation between pieces only adds to the interest.

Cutting out pattern pieces

3. For the Maidenhair Fern pieces, flip to the back (non-glittery/shiny) side of the felt. Run a line of hot glue down the center of the stem, starting at the top leaf. Press a pipe cleaner into the hot glue to adhere. Depending on how quickly you work, you may want to do this in 2-3” sections so the glue doesn’t cool before you can adhere the pipe cleaner. Leave any excess pipe cleaner attached.

Gluing pipe cleaner to felt stems

4. To assemble Rosemary sprigs, apply a line of hot glue to the base of one LEAF SET A. Gently pinch the base of LEAF SET A around the tip of a pipe cleaner so that the hot glue adheres to the pipe cleaner and the leaves gently splay.

Making Rosemary sprigs

Repeat about ½” down with a second LEAF SET A, then again with a third and fourth. Repeat again with LEAF SET B until sprig reaches desired length. I recommend a range of 3-6”.

Continuing Rosemary sprig

Slightly vary the spacing for a more natural look. For a very full sprig, place each set of leaves directly below the preceding set or even slightly overlap. For a sparer branch, leave ¾” or more between leaf sets.

5. When all components are wired, it’s time to put the wreath together.

Completed botanical elements

Lay out the wreath and botanical elements on a flat surface. When you are satisfied with the composition, wrap the excess pipe cleaner of each component around the wreath base. Clip excess pipe cleaner with a pair of wire cutters. A few dots of hot glue may be useful to keep small details in place, but wrapping tightly with wire will be the most secure.

Securing elements to wreath base

I love a crescent-shaped wreath, but you should put your own spin on it! Gently bend and sculpt your elements for a more dimensional and natural look.

6. When all pieces are secured to the wreath base, add a ribbon and/or bow as a final flourish.

Adding bow to wreath

7. As an optional step, arrange a couple of components around the base of a candlestick. Wrap the pipe cleaner tightly to secure. A few dots of hot glue can help keep wayward pieces in line. This really couldn’t be much easier!

Elements added to candlestick

Time to bask in the glittery glow of your completed holiday decor!

Finished botanical wreath and candlesticks

There are so many fun options to really make this your own! Use the botanical components to make napkin rings, name card holders, or gift toppers. Mixing real greenery with the felt elements gives a glamorous and lush vibe - who doesn’t want that for the holidays?

Finished botanical wreath

Thanks to Kasia for designing and writing this tutorial! You can see more of her work on Instagram @theadventuredept. Stay tuned for more tutorials from the Benzie Design Maker Team!