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Felt Macarons Tutorial


We don't even need a bite to know that these felt macarons are perfection! We're happy to bring you another scrummy tutorial from Laura Hopper of @sonicstitches that you're going to adore. The only question is which flavor will you make first?

Macarons aren’t just a delicious French treat. They’re also the most adorable cookies in the world! And with a rainbow of delicious colors to choose from, your homemade macarons will be just as beautiful as the window of a Parisian patisserie. C'est délicieux!

Skill Level: Beginner
Time: About 20 minutes per macaron

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Additional Supplies:

Felt Macaron Template  (click to download)
120 lb Cardstock

The supplies above will make three macarons of each color.


Preparing Felt Macarons

1. Print Felt Macaron Template above on regular computer paper. Cut around lines and trace onto 120 lb cardstock. Cut out cardstock templates.

2. Using a disappearing ink pen, trace two felt templates onto each felt color. Trace two cardstock templates per macaron onto 120 lb cardstock. Cut all felt and cardstock out. For each macaron, cut one ¾” by 12” strip of White felt.

3. Cut along entire length of 12” White strip, cutting about ⅔ of the way through at varying widths of ⅛” to ¼”, creating a fringe strip.

Assembling Macaron Shells

4. Now that the components have been prepared, it’s time to assemble the shells, or colorful outer pieces. Each macaron will use two felt circles, two cardstock circles and one fringe strip.

5. Stitch a loose running stitch around felt circle ensuring both tails of the thread are on same side of the circle. Stitch a few running stitches beyond the first stitch, so beginning and end of thread overlap slightly. DO NOT knot end of the thread.

6. Grab a small handful of Polyfil and roll it in your hands a few times to squeeze out some of the air.

7. Place Polyfil into macaron shell, then place cardstock on top of the Polyfil.

8. Holding Polyfil and cardstock in place, begin pulling thread so it gathers around the cardstock. Push Polyfil under the cardstock as needed.

9. Holding the thread taught, knot the thread several times so the felt stays gathered around the cardstock.

Repeat Steps 4-9 to create an identical second macaron shell.

Finishing Felt Macarons

10. Apply a generous ring of Tacky Glue to inside of one shell. While usually a small dot of Tacky Glue is sufficient to hold felt together, the macaron requires more glue to help with a later step.

11. Begin placing fringe strip onto the glue, moving in a circle and keeping fringed edges even with the shell border as much as possible.

12. Continue generously applying glue in a circle until entire fringe strip is glued down. While gluing, use your fingers to press center of the fringe strip down towards cardstock.

13. Once entire fringe strip is glued down, apply one final generous ring of Tacky Glue to the strip and squeeze second shell on top.

14. Hold macaron firmly for a few minutes while glue begins to dry. The glue should squeeze out towards edges, which will help it keep its shape. If needed, place macaron under a hardcover book until fully dry to maintain pressure. If glue seeps out past the edges, there’s no need to worry. Tacky Glue dries clear and big globs can be removed before they dry.

Several types of glue were used when testing this method of creating felt macarons and Tacky Glue was the winner because it will spread from the macaron center to the edges best. If you would prefer something that dries more quickly, use hot glue.

15. Trim fringe so that it is even with edges of the macaron to create a tidier appearance.

Voilà! Your felt macarons are good enough to win star baker on the next season of the Great British Bake Off!

Try making some macarons with a classic white center and some using the shell color for the fringe strip. Both versions look beautiful!

Thanks to Laura for designing and writing this tutorial! You can follow her on Instagram @sonicstitches or visit her website. Stay tuned for more tutorials!