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Felt Food Picnic Set


You’re invited to a picnic with Maker Team member Mallory of @rabbitbrooktoys! Mallory is helping us set the scene for Summer with a felt picnic that will delight the whole family. Her clever food selections are fun to play with but possibly even more fun to make! Keep reading to see what we're making and packing in our picnic basket.

Feast your eyes on this charming felt food set that features a cheese wheel, grape clusters, savory crackers, jammy cookies, cheese and pepperoni slices and spotted napkins. This project is beginner-friendly and scalable depending on the number of elements you want to make. Solo snacking or a feast for four - it’s up to you!

Skill Level: Beginner
Time: 2-5 hours

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Additional Supplies:

Food Template  (click to download)


Print template above and trace patterns onto felt. Note which elements require two identical cuts.


Draw two diagonal lines on 8x12" Cornflower Blue polka dot sheet. Cut into four triangles. Use scallop shears for a scalloped edge.


Cut desired amount of circles from Montipora and Brick felt. The heathered felt gives a realistic marbled meat look!


Use four strands of embroidery floss to add french knots to one Cracker circle. Match two circles together (knots facing out) and blanket stitch around the edge. Crackers cut with a scalloped edge add great detail and also help for evenly spaced stitches. Repeat for desired number of crackers.


Craving something sweet? Glue a Brick felt circle (use Pepperoni pattern) to center of a Cookie circle. Cut a small heart or circle from the center of a second Cookie circle and blanket stitch two pieces together. Repeat for desired number of cookies.

Cheese Slice

Place two Cheese squares together and blanket stitch around perimeter. Repeat for desired number of slices.

Cheese Wheel

To make a cheese wheel, align two Cheese rectangles along ends of the long wheel edge as shown. Blanket stitch edges together. If you are using two colors for cheese wheel, choose which color thread to use.

Align Cheese Wheel top as shown and, starting at innermost point of the wedge, blanket stitch around top to attach middle section.

Flip cheese wheel over and pinch inside edges of wedge together. Blanket stitch edges together using matching thread.

Fill cheese wheel with Polyfil. Do not overstuff! If you need more filling, you can add it in the next step.

Align bottom of cheese wheel as shown and, beginning at innermost point, blanket stitch around edge to attach. If you find you want more Polyfil, add before completing this stitching. 


To make a cluster of grapes, select seven medium felt poms of the same color. Save extra poms for “loose” grapes. Glue two sets of three poms together in triangles. Glue two triangles together, with one triangle on top of the other, offset. Glue remaining grape on top of stack.

Roll and glue a small rectangle of Toast felt as the stem.

You’re all set for your picnic! Have fun putting together this tasty set. Bon appetit!

Thanks to Mallory for designing and writing this tutorial! You can see more of her work on Instagram @rabbitbrooktoys and on her website. Stay tuned for more tutorials from the Benzie Design Maker Team!