Felt Star Tree Topper


Star Tree Topper tutorial

After the turkey is eaten and the dishes are clean, we can turn our full attention to decorating for Christmas! This felt star tree topper by Maker Team member Sarah of @sariditty would be a beautiful addition to any tree - big or small. It's fun to bring out our favorite hand-me-down baubles but equally fun to add some new touches to our holiday home. Sarah's felt star is at once classic and modern and the metallic stitching brings all the sparkle you'd expect from a Christmas star. So, grab an extra slice of pie and let's start crafting!

Skill Level: Intermediate
Time: 3 hours

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Additional Supplies:

Star Pattern PDF  (click to download)
Sewing Machine


1. Print Star Pattern above on cardstock and cut out each Star Blade. Trace (10) Right Star Blades onto Dandelion felt and trace (10) Left Star Blades onto Lemonade felt. Cut out on the lines carefully.

Laying out patterns on the felt

2. Arrange (5) Right Star Blades and (5) Left Star Blades to form a 5-point star on top of the interfacing with the fusible side face up. Trace the outline of the star onto the interfacing. Set aside the Star Blades and cut out the star 1/8" INSIDE of the traced line. Use the cut out interfacing star to trace and cut out a second interfacing star.

Arranging felt on interfacing

3. On a heat-tolerable surface, arrange (10) Star Blades to form a 5-point star. Lay one fusible interfacing star over the felt arrangement. You will see a scant felt border evenly surrounding the interfacing. Press the interfacing down to secure the (10) felt blades. Repeat with the second star sections and interfacing.

Ironing felt onto interfacing

4. Thread the metallic gold Sulky thread into the sewing machine. Using a zig zag stitch setting, sew a line across all five straight lines running through the star. This will help adhere the interfacing to the felt star blades as well as join the seams between each blade. Repeat with the second felt star shape and interfacing.

Zig zag stitching guide

Zig zag stitching on star

5. Using a needle and the metallic embroidery floss, add flair to the stars. French knots, straight stitch asterisks, lazy daisies, scattered seed stitch...the options are endless.

Adding metallic detail to star

6. Layer both star shapes together with right sides facing out. Pin or clip in place.

Clipping sides of star together

7. Mark 2 1/2" inches down both inner "legs" of the star to notate the open area of the joined star body. This is where the Christmas tree will fit into.

8. Using a needle and doubled Sulky thread, stitch around the perimeter (outer "legs," "arms," and "head") of the star sandwich using a whip stitch, blanket stitch, back stitch or chain stitch. Leave open the two 2 1/2" sections on the inner "legs" of the star.

Stitching guide for closing star

Now all there is to do is place your felted star tree topper on your Christmas tree! You could try stuffing a battery-powered LED string of lights inside the star and the Christmas lights will also shine through the felt for extra light. Enjoy creating your tree topper!

Finished star tree topper

Thanks to Sarah for designing and writing this tutorial! You can follow her on Instagram @sariditty or visit her website. Stay tuned for more tutorials from the Benzie Design Maker Team!