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Floral Banner DIY


Maker Team member Alexis of @felthappysewing brings her bright and happy personality to a new bright and happy tutorial! This floral banner is made easy with one of our premade canvas banners and features vibrant felt colors as well as hand beading. The felt flowers are inspired by daffodils and day lilies with foliage resembling a common garden perennial, creeping jenny.

Perfect for spring and summer, this floral banner is a bright and sunny addition to any space. Daffodils may not be purple, but gosh wouldn’t they be extra beautiful if they were! Hopefully this tutorial inspires you to break the rules a little bit - playing with color and using hot glue as a shortcut from additional stitch work.

Skill Level: Beginner to Advanced Beginner
Time: 4-6 hours (6-7 hours with beading)

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Additional Supplies:

Floral Banner Pattern  (click to download)
Floral Banner Cut Template, for electronic cutting machines  (click to download)
Sewing machine

You may modify this pattern to sew by hand using four common stitches: straight, whip, running and blanket.


1. Print the Floral Banner pattern above. Cut out pattern pieces and trace onto corresponding felt colors. Cut out.

Alternatively, cut out felt pieces using SVG cutting file above with an electronic cutting machine.

2. Fold Daffodil Flower on the fold line, then fold again from left to right. Stitch using a ¼” seam allowance. Trim threads.

3. Turn right side out. The seam is now eclipsed inside and two openings, one large and one small. Cut tiny slits, about 1/8” apart, around edge of the flower, at the large opening.

4. Layer Daffodil Base pieces on top of one another so six petals are formed. Adhere in the center with hot glue. Next, adhere small opening of the Daffodil Flower to center of the Daffodil Base using hot glue.

Repeat Steps 2-4 to create additional daffodil.

5. Arrange six Small Lily petals in a circle, layering with hot glue in the center.

6. Use a quarter or similarly sized circle to trace a circle around center of glued petals as a stitching guide. With a running stitch, stitch through each petal around traced circle.

7. Pull the running stitch taute, cinching in petals. Double knot in place.

8. To add beading to center of the Lily, thread a beading needle, double knotting at one end. Run thread from center back to front and add ten bugle beads in a row. Double knot at the end of tenth bead. Then, run thread back down the tenth bead through to the seventh. Snip.

Repeat this step to create two more bugle bead strands.

9. For the Large Lily, repeat Steps 5-8. Then, from Step 8, add an additional two strands using only seed beads.

10. Using a sewing machine, sew a straight stich with a short stitch length (2-3mm) through the center of 5-7 of the Large Creeping Jenny Leaves and Small Creeping Jenny Leaves. This process is akin to chain stitching.

Repeat this step twice to create a total of three vines.

11. Arrange daffodils, lilies, and creeping jenny vines on banner. Use hot glue to secure them in place. Add a felted bee or ladybug to one of the daffodils.

12. Insert dowel across top of canvas banner. Attach cord, ribbon or yarn to hang.

Well done! Your floral banner is perfection!

Hang your bright and sunny Floral Banner someplace that needs an extra touch of color and happiness.

Thanks to Alexis for designing and writing this tutorial! You can see more of her work on Instagram @felthappysewing and on her website. Stay tuned for more tutorials from the Benzie Design Maker Team!