Felt Florals

Floral Clip Tutorial


Floral Clips tutorial

Flowers are always a good idea! Maker Team member Marlena of @blossoms_bymarlena is sharing an easy felt wildflower that is sure to become a favorite! You can use it as a pin, bookmark, headband or hair clip. It is a perfect little floral touch.

I can’t stop myself from making flowers and what better version than this lovely ecru wildflower? These wildflowers are so easy to make and a statement accessory for sure. They will be stealing the show as you send your children back to school! Grab some coffee or tea, find a good podcast and let’s start cutting.

Time: 20 - 30 minutes

Skill Level: Beginner

Project supplies


One 9 x 12" sheet of Ecru Wool Blend Felt
One 9 x 12" sheet of Olive Wool Blend Felt
One Mustard Felt Pom-pom, Small
Wire Stems
Wire Cutting Tool
Hot Glue Gun
Snap Clips


1. Cut ten 2 x 2" squares from the Ecru felt. To make the petals, cut a U shape from each square leaving the bottom part flat. 

Cutting felt flower petals

2. Add a dab of hot glue to the bottom middle of a petal. Pinch until it is glued in place. Repeat with the rest of the petals.

Gluing crease in felt petals

3. Carefully cut your felt ball in half. These will be the center of your flowers. The inside part of the pom-pom will be exposed and look perfect as a wildflower center.

Cutting felt ball in half

4. Use hot glue to start attaching the petals around the center. You need five petals for each flower. The petals will overlap slightly so they can be joined to the center but still keep their shape.

Gluing petals around pom center

5. Once the petals are attached, your flower is complete but let's add some extra detail! Use a dark permanent marker to add dots to the inside of the pom center for added realism.

Adding detail to flower center

6. You can also make creases on the petals and pull the felt gently to the sides to give them the shape you want. Be very careful to not detach the petals from the center.

Creasing flower petals

7. Set aside your flowers and start cutting your leaves. Cut out six rectangles 2 x 4”. An easy way to make the shape is to cut from a corner and go up, moving the scissors in a leaf form. You can make this shape as big as you want.

Cutting out leaves

8. Add a thin line of hot glue to the center of each leaf and attach the floral wire. Close and hold for a few seconds until the sides are attached. Make three leaves per flower.

Adding stems to leaves

9. Attach the leaves to your wildflower using hot glue. I liked the fuller look of three leaves for each flower. You can use just one or two depending on what you like.

Wildflowers with leaves

Your wildflowers are finished! If you'd like to make them into hair clips, glue a 2" Olive circle and snap clip to the back of the flower. How you use them is up to you! Wouldn't they make a wonderful teacher gift?

Finished felt wildflowers

Thanks to Marlena for designing and writing this tutorial! You can follow her on Instagram @blossoms_bymarlena or visit her website. Stay tuned for more tutorials from the Benzie Design Maker Team!