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French Fry Pouch


French fry pouch tutorial

Maker Team member Karla of @mochi_mx is a master of felt food and she's not going to let a food holiday go by without a craft to celebrate! You'll love this tutorial and you'll love the excuse to eat out even more. Order up!

November 16th is National Fast Food Day. Do you know what that means? An easy peasy dinnertime and the chance to support local restaurants! Eat out or drive through and try something new. Speaking of something new, how about making a French Fry Pouch to celebrate this day?

Skill Level: Beginner

Time: 1-2 hours

Project supplies


Canvas Zipper Pouch
One 9 x 12" sheet of Coral Glitter Felt
One 9 x 12" sheet of Butter Glitter Felt
Tapestry Wool in Coral and Butter
Embroidery Needle
Embroidery Thread in Coral and Butter
Pinking Shears
3" Ball Chain with Connector
French Fry Pouch Template  (click to download)


1. Download, print and cut out the French Fry Pouch Template above.

Cutting out pattern pieces

2. Prepare all the project pieces. You will need:

Pouch - (1) shape A from Coral, (1) shape B from Butter

Charms - (1) shape C from Coral, (1) shape D from Coral, (1) shape E from Butter, (1) shape F from Butter

Pom-pom - 36" of Coral and Butter tapestry wool

 Project components

3. After you cut the Coral Heart, use the Heart template and cut out the black shape.

Cutting out glitter heart

4. Place the Heart on top of the French Fries and stitch all around the letter I with Coral embroidery thread.

Stitching hearts together

5. Place the Heart and French Fries on the pouch. Stitch the French Fries to the pouch with the Butter embroidery thread. Use the line guides of your template to know where to start and finish.

Stitching french fries

6. Now secure the Heart using Coral embroidery thread.

Stitching on heart

7. To make the pouch charms, stitch shape D to C and shape E to F.

Making pouch charms

8. Stitch the back seam of the mustard packet and then stitch across the top.
Remember to leave room on the ends to trim them with pinking shears.

Stitching mustard charm

9. Stitch along the bottom. Repeat steps 8-9 to make the ketchup packet.

Finishing mustard charm

10. Trim the top and bottom of the ketchup and mustard packets with pinking shears.

Ketchup and mustard charms

11. To make the pom-pom, wind the tapestry wool around a fork until you reach desired fullness. Tie around the middle with a tight knot, repeat to make another knot. Slide the bundle off the fork and cut through looped ends. Trim ends to even them.

Making wool pom-poms

12. Use the tie-off threads to attach the mustard and ketchup packets, the pompom and the chain. Tie two tight knots to secure everything.

Attaching charms to pouch

13. Add your charms to the pouch!

Finished pouch

You could also use this tutorial to make glitter patches for your jacket, backpack or tote bag and celebrate National Fast Food Day with us! Remember to send us pictures of your project to so we can see your awesome work.

French fry pouch

Gracias to Karla for designing and writing this tutorial! You can follow her on Instagram @mochi_mx or visit her website. Stay tuned for more Benzie Design Maker Team tutorials from Karla and the rest of the team!